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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 582 The Secret Of Jim (Part One)

"I asked someone to take you to the hospital." York felt sorry for her and called his assistant to help her out.

Eva felt happy secretly, but she didn't show any expression from beginning to end, as if she was wearing a cold mask. She didn't take a look at him, because she had regarded him as invisible air since childhood.

However, York wouldn't let her go. If the Wang family and the Xiao family knew that she was his daughter, he would definitely get into trouble. He was now the vice president of the Xiao group. His wealth relied on the Xiao family and he could not provoke the Xiao family.

He pulled Eva to a quiet corner.

"Eva, what are you thinking about? You know that Vinton is going to marry Wendy, but you still step in. Do you want to destroy it on purpose?" He scolded her in a low voice, fearing that someone would hear him.

"York, you have nothing to do with my business, right?" Eva sneered.

"I gave you your life. If you want to mess around, you have to ask if I agree or not!" For the sake of interests, York could always turn a blind eye to his relatives. This ungrateful beast would never succeed in destroying his good deeds.

An indescribable sadness rose from the bottom of Eva's heart. At that time, when her parents divorced, her mother was still pregnant with Jade. In order to divorce his mother as soon as possible and marry a woman who could help him, he had tried every means to force his mother to have an abortion. He even secretly put an abortion medicine in her milk to make her have an abortion. If her mother hadn't hidden in her uncle's house, Jade wouldn't have been able to be given birth to smoothly.

It was said that a vicious tiger didn't eat its cubs, but he even wanted to kill his own child. He was worse than a beast! Fortunately, Jade was still healthy. There was no aftereffect of the abortion medicine.copy right hot novel pub