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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 80 Original Wife Was Ignored

On the day of the opening ceremony of the Oriental Fashion Week, Essie wore the dress that Hanson had given her as a gift. That, and her full face of makeup, made her look like an angel that had come down from heaven.

Instead of picking her up in person, Hanson sent his assistant, Chris.

As the ruler of the Asian fashion empire, Bella had the most important role to play in this fashion week, and as the vice president and chief designer of Bella, Hanson had a lot of things to deal with.

At the Yang City Exhibition Center...

The lights were dazzling.

Famous models and various entertainment circle stars all attended the event.

Eva, Essie's best friend, was also there. Her new TV show was on the air recently, so Eva's agent asked her to attend the ceremony. Because Eva refused to follow the unspoken rules, her career in the entertainment industry had not been very smooth. She could only play a bit role.

Upon seeing Essie, she immediately walked up to her and looked her up and down. "Wow! Essie! You really beat every single person here right away!"

"It's the dress, not me." Essie smiled and twirled lightly like a butterfly fluttering its wings.

"Is this from the new collection? Why haven't I seen it before?" Eva pouted. She was an exclusive model for Essie. If there was a new dress, she would have been the first to try it on.

"This was designed by Hanson, not me," Essie said with a bright smile, blushing slightly.

'Something new has happened!' Eva thought.

"Are you dating Hanson?"

Essie nodded at her.

With a smirk on her face, Eva said, "I thought things would go well with that extremely handsome man you were living with."

"He has a girlfriend. They are on fire now." Essie curled her lips again. It had been a week since she last saw him. He was nowhere to be found. And not only that, he didn't even text or call her either. Had he returned to Dragon City?

Thinking of this, Essie felt a little depressed.

They were a couple.copy right hot novel pub