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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 577 The Feeling Of Being Enslaved

In the Hengdian Movie and Television City, the affectionate look on Jim's face disappeared as soon as the director called the 'cut'. It seemed that it was completely erased by an invisible big hand, and was replaced by a cold face like a perfect sculpture. Although he was handsome, he was expressionless, making people stay away from him.

Although Eva hated him very much, she admired him very much for this point. He was so good at acting that he could act and stop acting as his will. No one could be found of his equal even among the Oscar best actor over the years. No wonder he was the crown prince of the entertainment circle. He was born to rule the entertainment circle.

As soon as she finished her work in the morning, she turned on her cell phone and began to fight online.

In the past few days, the news of Essie had been widely spread in the entertainment circle. There were many people gossiping behind the scenes in the star's wechat moments. Eva was about to faint with anger and went to fight with them as soon as she had time. 'How dare they slander our Essie? They are tired of living.'

Jim glanced at them and said, "You don't need to take them seriously."

"Jim, don't you have a lot of rumormongers? Use the keyboard and smash them to death." Eva was typing angrily.

"How loyal you are!" A faint smile played at the corners of Jim's mouth.

"Essie's business is my business," Eva said seriously.

"Your task is to serve me now, and the other things are handed over to the rumormongers." After saying that, Jim turned around and walked to the lounge. Depressed, Eva put away her phone and followed him with her head down.

She regretted deeply. She shouldn't have compromised to this bad man. Now he just treated her as a servant.

"A cup of black coffee." Jim sat cross legged on the deck chair, with a touch of laziness on his handsome face.

Eva rolled her eyes at him angrily. This picky bad man had a very high requirement for black coffee. The water temperature must be ninety two degrees Celsius, not more or less. The proportion of coffee and water should be 1:16, not more or less. The most hateful thing was that his taste bud was even better than a dog. Even a slight deviation in the taste could be sensed.

She walked to the coffee machine and picked up the cup. Then she heard his low voice, "Don't waste my coffee beans."

She paused and put the glass on the table impatiently. "What do you mean?"

"What do you think I mean?" Jim didn't explain at all. He just raised his eyebrows and said those words carelessly.

'Damn it! Why is he so reticent?' She was not his mind reader. Every time he asked her to guess, she would be drained of her brain.

Eva wrinkled her nose with dissatisfaction. After thinking for a while, she suddenly remembered that this scum disliked the coffee she made and didn't allow her to touch his coffee beans again. He had just asked her to go out and ask her assistant Mary to come in and make the coffee for him.

Now he treated her as his assistant and servant. The real assistant, Mary, was standing at the door, waiting for his orders at any time.

Eva pouted and called Mary in.

The crew outside were looking at the lounge curiously. People in the entertainment circle had the sharpest sense and sharp vision. As long as something happened, their eyes lit up with excitement and they would pay all their attention to it.

Recently, during the break, Eva would follow Jim into the lounge and then come out together. It was strange not to be suspicious.copy right hot novel pub