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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 572 Revelation

In Eve's opinion, Essie was Zac's wife before. Maybe she was pregnant with Zac's child.

Walt snorted. Of course, the baby was his.

A few days before the accident, when Essie and Ivy were having afternoon tea in the garden of the Rong Mansion, Essie suddenly had a stomachache. Ivy thought she had eaten something wrong. And then Essie explained that there was going to have her period. He happened to pass by the pavilion and heard it by accident.

So according to the time, when she came to the island, she should have just passed her menstrual period. It was impossible for her to be pregnant with Zac's child.

This child must have been conceived on their wedding night.

"Don't think too much. I know better than anyone whether it's my child or not," he said affirmatively.

Jealousy flashed through Eve's eyes. She didn't know what Walt and Essie had done in the room. Since he was so sure, the child must be his.

Damn it! Why didn't she get pregnant? Why did this woman have a baby?

Essie didn't love her master at all. She was with her master only because she lost her memory.

She was the woman who loved her master the most in the world. For her master, she could do everything, including sacrificing her own life.

While she was silent, Walt went upstairs with the bird's nest congee cooked by the maid.

When Essie woke up, she felt hungry. But as soon as she took a bite of the gruel, she felt sick and rushed into the bathroom, vomiting.

Walt felt so sorry for her. He patted her on the back and washed her mouth.

Essie went back to the bed and lay down. She felt terrible. This child was so tormenting that she began to torture her mother before it took shape.

Walt put his hand on her belly and gently stroked it, "It must be a little trick. He is so naughty. When he comes out, I will definitely spank him. Let's see if he dares to bully Mommy again."

With a gentle smile, Essie felt warm in her heart. Anyway, she was a woman, and the baby in her belly aroused all her maternal love. As long as her child had a complete family, with the love of her mother and father, what else could she expect.

"Don't worry, Steven. It doesn't matter. As long as the baby is fine, it doesn't matter that I suffer a little."

"What do you want to eat now? Tell me. I'll ask the maid to cook for you." Walt smiled dotingly and put his arm around her shoulder.

"I want to eat..." She rolled her black eyes and smiled, "I want to eat braised noodle."

"Okay, I'll ask the maid to cook for you now," Walt said and went downstairs.

Soon, he brought a bowl of braised noodles and said, "Have a try."

Essie nodded and took a sip. Disappointment was written all over her face. The noodles and sauces tasted different from what she wanted.

In her memory, there seemed to be a unique taste, very fragrant, very delicious, and an indescribable happiness, as if there was no more delicious food in the world that could be comparable to it.

But she couldn't remember when, where, and who made it for her.

Her memory was like being completely hollowed out by a pair of ruthless big hands, leaving only an empty shell. It felt so empty and uncomfortable. Nothing on the island could fill it and make it full.

"Steven, we didn't live on this island before, did we?" she couldn't help asking.

"Don't you like here?" Walt was shocked.

"It's too quiet here. I really want to go outside to have a look.copy right hot novel pub