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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 566 You Are My Woman Finally

He stopped thinking and turned to look at Zac.

Zac moved and suddenly opened his eyes. Seeing that the room was empty, he sat up quickly, like an injured and angry lion, rushed to William and grabbed his collar. "Where is she? Where did you take her?"

"Boss, if the forensic expert can't extract the DNA for a day and prove that the corpse is Mrs. Essie's, she will have a chance to live." William comforted him. Anyway, he must make him have the belief to live on.

Zac trembled violently. These days, his brain cells had been paralyzed in pain, and he had no ability to think at all. "What do you mean?" He asked in a hoarse voice.

"The corpse is so scorched that the forensic experts can't extract DNA to prove that it is Mrs. Essie's body. They are trying to find clues that can prove her identity from the corpse. The kidnap is too strange. Mrs. Essie went to redeem the hostages alone. It's almost a piece of cake for them to kill her. Why did they set up an explosion? It's so complicated. " William analyzed earnestly.

Trembling, Zac walked to the window, opened the curtain and looked out at the sun. If it weren't for the fact that Alice and Lucy had seen it with their own eyes, he would never believe that she had gone. But if she was still alive, where would she be? Why couldn't he find any clue?

"Boss, even if there is only 1/10000 possibility, it was a hope. We can't lose confidence." William advised.

Zac clenched his fists. William was right. He couldn't lose confidence or sanity. If his fool was really alive, he must be waiting for him to save her somewhere. If he panicked, he would be trapped by his enemy. "Let the forensic experts do their best to carry out the autopsy. If they can't, go to the FBI and ask Dr. Harry for help."

"Yes, sir." William nodded and felt relieved to see that he had finally regained his sanity.

In the suburb of Dragon City.

In a hidden room, Walt kicked the door open angrily and pointed his gun at the masked man inside. "Where is that bastard Willi? Is this the cooperation you said? " He was extremely angry and sad. He put his finger on the trigger. As long as he moved slightly, the other party would definitely die.

However, the masked man did not panic, as if he had expected him to come. "Mr. Walt, calm down. Our boss has always kept his promise. He will never eat his words."

"If you kill her, I will let you die with her!" He roared, breathing heavily.

"Who said she was dead?" The masked man said unhurriedly.

Walt was stunned. "What do you mean?"

The masked man took out his phone from his pocket and found a photo. It was a beautiful woman lying on a big bed with her eyes closed.

Walt's eyes widened. He grabbed the masked man by the collar and asked, "where is she? Tell me where she is as soon as possible."

"I can tell you, but boss has a request. He wants you to be his godson. As long as you call him Godfather on the phone, you can be with your beloved woman!" The masked man sneered and his voice was like a ghost shuttling through the dark night.

Walt's eyebrows twisted in anger. He could tell that this bastard was humiliating him!

"Does he deserve it?" He said through gritted teeth.

"It's okay if you don't call him. You will never see this woman again in your life." The masked man threatened him word by word.

Walt clenched his teeth and fists. As a man, he could endure humiliation. One day, when he took control of the Rong family, he would definitely tear this bastard into pieces.

"Okay, I will call him." He said insidiously.

The masked man dialed a number, turned on the speaker and pointed the microphone at him.copy right hot novel pub