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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 561 The Daughter Wants To Rebel

Before Valery could run away from the door of the study, she was caught.

"Valery, what are you doing here?"

Hearing the voice, Valery was stunned. She turned around and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it was Alice. Now she and Essie were at daggers drawn and stood on the same side with her mother, so she didn't have to worry about her anymore.

"I saw my father and Essie enter the room just now and wanted to know what they were talking about, but the door was closed and I couldn't hear them clearly," she said in a very low voice.

"It's not good to eavesdrop on other people's conversation." A mocking smile appeared on Alice's face.

Valery glared at her angrily, "Don't flatter yourself. You are not so upright." They were about the same herd.

Alice did not retort her. She only smiled. "Valery, tell me the truth. Are you still obsessed with Zac?"

Valery blushed. She had never forgotten Zac. Even if he never cared about her and punished her for Essie, she still loved him and had never changed.

From her expression, Alice knew the answer.

"If you like him, you have to fight for him. You don't have to care too much. If Essie can defeat you, you can also defeat her. But it depends on whether you can be ruthless or not. "

"Do you still think that I don't want to kill Essie, this bitch?" Valery snorted. How she wished she could strangle Essie right now.

"I'm not talking about Essie." A strange light flashed in her eyes. She lowered her head and whispered in her ear. She was slightly stunned, and a hint of cruelty quietly fell from the corner of her mouth.

After the birthday party, Essie and Zac took the children back to the Blue Coast.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Mili looked at her father in the driver's seat with a strange look.

"I finally know why Mommy took us to America."

Zac's face changed slightly. He reproached her from the rearview mirror. This was a permanent scar in his heart. His daughter really mentioned it at this moment. "Little girl, what big secret have you found?" he said gloomily.

Mili wrinkled his nose and said with a hint of dissatisfaction on her little face, "You and our bad aunt had a child, so my mother was very angry, so she took us when we still in her belly to America."

Zac was choked by her words. When the car stopped at the intersection waiting for the traffic light, he reached out his big hand and rubbed her little head. "Little girl, you're thinking too much."

Mili pouted and said, "When you were talking to bad aunt, I and Dot were there. We heard clearly that bad aunt said brother Rabi was her biological son."

Taking a look at her sister, Dot said slowly, "Forget it. Since mommy has let it go, let's not dwell on daddy's mistake. Otherwise, he will be stained the rest of his life. " These words seemed to be on the side of Zac, but in fact, they actually like added the oil that added to fire.

Zac was in a slight sweat. He knew that the two kids would be entangled with the matter of Rabi's identity. He planned to make it clear to them after he went back. He didn't expect that they couldn't help but blame him in the car.

Essie snickered. She found that Zac, the big devil, couldn't deal with the two little devil kings, Mili and Dot.

Zac was speechless. He turned around and glared at her. He was very dissatisfied with her 'gloating' appearance.copy right hot novel pub