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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 554 The Secret Of The Yard

However, although Essie was timid, she didn't believe in the so-called ghost. Moreover, in order to find out the secret between her mother and Mary, she had gone all out. Even if there was really a ghost, she would do anything.

"Zac, please tell me something. I promise, no, I swear I won't tell anyone."

Zac turned to look at her, and a sharp light flashed through his dark ice eyes. "Honey, you can say whatever you want, but you can't swear."

Hearing that, Essie covered her mouth in a hurry. Indeed, she had to exchange secrets with Ivy. She couldn't swear, absolutely not.

She smiled awkwardly, and then hid the corners of her mouth, revealing a little dissatisfaction. "Icy guy, I remember that you once said that the most important thing for a couple is to trust each other and to be honest with each other. I'm very sincere to you, and I don't hide anything from you. But how about you? How many secrets have you hidden from me? How can you treat me as your wife? You just treat me as an outsider. It's dangerous to live like this! " As she spoke, she shook her head and sighed.

Looking at her performance, Zac didn't show it. He found that his wife had gone to Hengdian several times and her acting skills had improved greatly.

He stood up, walked to the bar counter, took a bottle of rose red wine, poured two glasses, and handed one to her. After taking a sip, he opened his thin lips and said, "What's the danger?"

"A couple doesn't trust each other. Of course their marriage is dangerous." Essie pouted.

Zac flicked her forehead and said, "Honey, you can do such an unkind thing to set up a secret for your husband. Marriage is indeed dangerous."

Essie's face turned pale. It seemed that he had already known her plan. Yes, what kind of person was the big devil king? He had a pair of sharp eyes and a deep sense of sophistication. He killed her in an instant with his intelligence and strength. How could he not know how strong she was and what she was thinking?

She pouted and said, "I didn't set you up. I'm just curious. I'm your wife and the future hostess of the Rong family. It is good for me to know more about the affairs of the family. You know the secret, but you don't tell me. That's not good. " After saying that, she drank up the wine in the glass angrily, lay down and covered her head with the quilt, ignoring him.

Zac did not coax her, pretending not to see, and took a sip of wine alone.

Feeling a little depressed, Essie rolled her eyes two times and came up with another idea. She pulled down the quilt and poked her head out. "Forget it. It's better to ask Jim directly. He is the person concerned. He must know better than you. Tomorrow I will take Mili to Hengdian to cook a table of dishes, drink a bottle of good wine with brother Jim and coax him. He will tell me when he is happy. I have been his nominal girlfriend, and we are the most popular couples on screen in the history. I believe he will not treat me as an outsider. "

A shadow flew over Zac's face. He reached out and pinched the tip of her chin. Although he knew that this stupid woman was trying to goad him, he was still very unhappy and irritable.

"Stupid woman, you are out of your mind again. You have completely forgotten my ban, haven't you?" His cold eyes, like daggers, swept across her face.

"Why don't you tell me? You forced me." She wrinkled her nose.copy right hot novel pub