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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 75 Essie's Thoughts

Essie nodded aimlessly as if she was in deep thought.

His eyebrows furrowed and asked, "Can he compete with me?"

"Well, he’s only the champion of our university’s street dance competition, so you know, he’s the dance king," Essie affirmed in a mocking tone. Still dancing and swaying, she turned her back on Zac. ‘Where’s he getting this much confidence? How narcissistic!’ she sniffed at him. A hint of disgust was written on his face. ‘Champion at your university? I was the top dancer back in Harvard—a champion in the US!’ "From now on, I’ll be your only partner." He asserted in an intimidating tone as if trying to express his ownership over Essie.

"Why? I’m not your only partner anyway…" Her bright eyes suddenly turned gloomy when she realized what she had said. She knew his real companion was Leila—the one person he would dance and watch movies with, along with all kinds of things a couple would do together. ‘Leila is the only one in your heart. I’m just a nobody. I’ll pass by in your life and would soon be erased from your memories,’ Essie thought to herself.

"You know, I’ll think about it if you ask," Zac teased, his voice sounded clear despite the sudden, cool and flowery breeze.

Essie was stunned and had to sit down on the chair. She took a gardenia and smelled it.

Her mind started to wander.

‘It must be a joke, right? He had never taken my words seriously.

He’s probably just kidding around. Besides, he takes pleasure in teasing me.’

Essie looked up and made up her mind. She blurted out, "I don’t care. You can dance with anyone for all I care, and it won’t have anything to do with me!" She pouted and didn’t give him a single chance to make fun of her.

"Really?" Zac snorted.copy right hot novel pub