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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 551 Flower Guardian

The astronomical platform had predicted that there would be a rare view of lunar eclipse.

In the evening, after the shooting, Eva wandered to the river painting scenic spot of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival alone, preparing to watch the lunar eclipse.

As soon as she walked to a street corner, she met Jim.

He was like an enchantress appearing and disappearing in the dark night. He was so charming that even the stars and moon above his head were taken away by him, and they could only hide into the clouds shyly.

Pretending not to see him, Eva turned her head and turned to the next intersection. After two steps, he heard a cold voice from behind, "Heaven pepper, you are too unkind to turn around and leave when you see your savior."

Eva had no choice but to stop and turned to look at him. "Jim, don't you think that we'd better not have any intersection except for work?"

Jim raised his beautiful eyebrows slightly and said, "after you pay me back, you won't have a chance to get close to me."

"It's just a meal. I'll invite you back to Dragon City after finishing the shooting of the mountain forest in two days. Now let's go home and look for our own mother. " Pouting, Eva turned around and walked to a fork in the road, ignoring him.

In the shadow not far away, there was a minibus. Its black shell almost integrated with the night, making it difficult for others to notice its existence.

When Eva walked to the intersection and was about to cross the crossing, it suddenly rushed out, stepped on the gas and rushed towards her at a fast speed.

Eva was stunned for a moment. Just as the minibus was about to hit her, a tall figure rushed over and pulled her to the side of the road.

Seeing that the action failed, the driver wanted to reverse the car and hit the person again, but when he saw the person's face clearly, he stepped hard on the gas and ran away.

He recognized at a glance that it was Jim. In the East, everyone knew about Jim king. If one would say that he didn't know Jim, he would definitely be despised, isolated and abandoned by his friends.

He didn't dare to offend Jim.

Everyone on the earth knew that Jim's fans were the most ferocious and terrible species in the world.

If anyone dared to hurt him, Jim's fans would definitely make him suffer all over his body. If he hit Jim, he would definitely be chased by countless fans for a lifetime. His whole family would be in danger and even the tomb of his ancestors would get in trouble. At that time, even if he got the money, he could only use them in the hell.

Eva was still in a state of shock. Her face was as pale as a piece of paper, and her thin body was completely curled up in the arms of Jim.

Jim's brown eyes twinkled in the darkness. Fortunately, he was alert. When he was talking to Eva just now, he noticed the minibus. Through the dim light of the street lamp, he saw that the people inside had been staring at Eva. He felt that there was something wrong.

After Eva left, he quietly followed her in case of an accident. He didn't expect that the car really came for her.

"Heaven pepper, it seems that someone won't let you go. Remember to bring bodyguards when you go out in the future." He raised his hand slightly and wanted to comfort her, but finally he put it down. He didn't have any mercy on her. He saved her just because she was the best friend of Essie.

The panic on Eva's face gradually turned into anger. She stood up straight and clenched her fists. Her knuckles creaked. "I won't sit still and wait for death."

Jim raised his thick eyebrows slightly, "that's none of my business. But you owe me a favor. Think about how to pay it back."

Eva glared at him and didn't say anything.copy right hot novel pub