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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 552 Punish One As A Warning To Others

"Jim, don't look down upon me. I can't work in the entertainment circle, but that doesn't mean I can't run a restaurant." Eva glared at him angrily. She was very indignant at his contempt.

Jim raised his thick eyebrows and said, "it's not a blow to you. You are simple minded, with developed limbs, hot temper, and you are unable to change your mind. It's difficult to survive in the business world."

"Jim, after I leave, I will open a restaurant and make it bigger than the Watery. At that time, you will take back this sentence." Eva waved her fist angrily in midair. How dare he look down upon her? 'Go and cure your eyes!'

"Okay, I'll wait and see." Jim sneered.

Not far away, there was a black shadow hidden behind a big tree. He sometimes revealed half of his face and peeped at them.

The man failed, but he still didn't give up. After parking the minibus at the corner, he followed Eva secretly, trying to find an opportunity to attack her again. He didn't expect that Jim would always follow her, so that he couldn't find the opportunity.

Jim noticed him from the corner of his eyes and soon recognized him as the driver of the minibus. Without saying anything, he picked up a small stone on the ground secretly.

"Heaven pepper, the moon seems to be dripping blood." He raised his hand and pointed at the sky.

Eva raised her head in a hurry. The person hiding behind the tree trunk also showed his head curiously and looked up at the sky. Jim seized the opportunity and waved his iron arm. The small stone in his hand flew out like a bullet, hitting the middle of the murderer's eyebrows.

The murderer wailed and fell to the ground.

Jim rushed over like a hurricane, grabbed his two arms and twisted them hard. Immediately, there were two sounds of bones cracking, and then the murderer screamed like a pig.

"Tell me, who sent you here? Otherwise, I'll gouge out two of your eyes!" Jing snapped.

"It's uncle Niko. He took other people's money and asked me to do it."

"Which uncle Niko? Whose money did he take? " Eva asked. She had never heard of such a person.

"Uncle Niko of the Tiger Gang which is responsible for the protection fee. Everyone there knows that the person who gave him the money was a woman from Dragon City." The murderer replied in a trembling voice.

"What does that woman look like?" Asked Eva.

"She is thin and tall with a mole on her nose."

Eva recalled that there seemed to be a mole on Elizabeth's assistant's nose. Did this old witch do it again?

'If a tiger doesn't get angry, do you think I'm a sick cat?'

"Go back and tell your master that if you dare to hurt me again, I will castrate him." She kicked the murderer hard and threatened.

Jim sneered, "it's useless to warn someone." He took out his phone and made a phone call. After tonight, there would be no Tiger Gang here.

As soon as the murderer heard that he was going to flatten the Tiger Gang, and smeared uncle Niko with honey and threw him into the pile of ants, he was so scared that he passed out. There were countless examples to prove how terrifying Jim was!

There were two men in Dragon City. The cold-blooded and most ruthless one was Zac, while the most evil one was Jim.

Eva also took a deep breath. This scene had only been acted in the movie. Jim was actually put it on the real person. Wasn't he too involved in the play?

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