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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 74 Who Is The First

Haha, maybe Sunny was being controlled by aliens, after all.

Didn't NASA just take a picture of some beautiful creature from Mars?

That indicated the existence of life on Mars. Maybe yesterday when Essie was making a wish, Martians just happened to pass by in their space ships and helped fulfill her wish en route.

Haha, maybe she did save the whole galaxy in her past life that even aliens had come to help her out.

These hilarious thoughts swirled in her mind, but she finally decided to just let it go. She didn't care too much about the process or the reason—as long she obtained her desired result, then nothing else mattered. Seeing Sunny dancing to Little Apple was such a joy for her.

Essie's bright smile was reflected in Zac's dark eyes, which were alight with mirth.

He liked seeing Essie smile. Her beautiful eyes were slightly narrowed and shaped like crescent moons. Two dimples peeked charmingly in her peach-like cheeks. The overall effect was extremely adorable.

Thus, he swore to do anything within his power to keep her smiling.

As the music stopped, Sunny jumped down the stairs quickly like a panic-stricken rabbit fleeing for fear of being recognized. Seeing that, Essie quickly moved to catch up to her.

"Sunny!" she shouted from behind the retreating woman.

The figure in front of her suddenly stopped, as if a pause button in a remote control dictating her actions was pressed.

"Shut up! Don't call my name!" She was all but screaming for fear of being heard.

Essie approached the immobile woman. "I thought you had gone to France." A mocking smile crossed her face.copy right hot novel pub