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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 542 Someone Poisoned It

"The wine tasted bad." Lady Rose said in a low voice. She had made rose red wine for twenty years, and her vision, sense of smell and taste were very sensitive. Just a look at it and a smell could tell if the wine had changed its taste.

Hearing this, Essie was slightly shocked.

In order to make it easier for transportation, the wine coming out of the Rose Chateau was put in a wooden bucket, and then separated with wine bottles after entering the country. Both storage and packaging had been strictly operated to ensure that the original taste of the wine would not change.

The waiter opened another bottle of wine. After Lady Rose tasted it, she continued to shake her head. "These wine have changed their taste. We can't take them out. Is there any other wine that hasn't been refilled?"

"There is one more can." Essie nodded. She kept one for herself to drink and put it in the cellar of the Blue Coast. She immediately called her assistant and the driver to get it back as soon as possible. At the same time, she asked the band in the banquet hall to cheer up, in case the guests noticed something wrong.

As soon as she came out, she told the abnormal situation to Zac in secret.

Zac's black eyes narrowed slightly, and an extremely sharp cold light flashed through his eyes. The domestic distribution process was strictly operated. Logically speaking, it was impossible to make the wine taste bad.

Half an hour later, Lily took the wine back. Lady Rose tasted it and nodded. There was no problem with the wine in the bucket.

Essie asked the waiter to pour the wine and take them out, and asked the host to prepare the speech.

Zac called Fred and asked him to test all the wine which was refilled. He wanted to find out what was wrong with the wine.

Thanks to Lady Rose's vigilance, the wine tasting party went smoothly. The guests praised the top-grade good wine.

Essie was very happy. She knew that as long as the project was approved by Zac, there would be no problem.

The second day, Fred came with the test report.

According to the report, the excessive amount of formalin in the wine would lead to serious problems such as palpitation, difficulty in breathing and stomachache.

In the past, the market of wine had been exposed to the effect of addition of formalin, which could be used to remove the deposit and increase the stability. Therefore, some bad merchants would secretly add this kind of harmful substance in the wine. But Essie believed that the Rose Chateau would never do that.

When Lady Rose saw the report, she immediately jumped up with fear. "How could there be such a thing as formalin in my wine?"

"If the wine in the barrel doesn't contain any formalin, the problem must be in the domestic refilling." Said Zac thoughtfully.

In a hurry, Essie called the trade company of Hengyuan Group and asked them to retrieve the surveillance video of the whole process from storage to packaging of the red wine. If someone did something, he might be able to find some clues from the surveillance video.

After a day's search, they found a suspicious person. He was Cheung, the administrator of the wine cellar.

Seeing the matter was exposed, Cheung stammered to confess his crime.

"Last week, when I went to the barbecue shop opposite the factory for barbecue, I met a mysterious man. He gave me a bottle of food and said that as long as it was put into the bucket secretly, he would give me five hundred thousand. I thought he was joking. Unexpectedly, he took out a box with one hundred thousand dollars in cash, saying that it was an advance payment. I was greedy that time, and I heard that it was not poison and would not make people die. It could just make people stomachache, so I agreed. "

"What kind of person is he?" Essie asked.

"She is wearing a hat and a mask. Her face can't be seen.copy right hot novel pub