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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 73 Square Dancing On The Square

At Yang City International Airport...

Sunny stood at the gate, suitcase in hand.

A complacent smile flashed across Sunny's face. Essie would never think that she would escape this way.

She wanted her to square dance to Little Apple? Dream on!

Inferior creatures such as her, without influence, money, or background, was like a bug she could easily crush under her heel.

Sunny smoothed down her high-fashion Chanel dress and stepped forward to register. Suddenly, a large hand landed on her shoulder.

She turned around and saw a devilishly handsome man in black standing behind her. His face was expressionless save for that hint of a ruthless smile on his lips.

Her scream got stuck in her throat. She was so frightened that she could not speak a word.

The whole day, Essie felt a little bored.

She did not go to the hospital to visit Hanson. Instead, she spent the whole day bending over her desk, and her discarded design drawings were scattered underfoot. As for the magic bottle, she had already forgotten everything. There was no magic or miracle in this world, only the survival of the fittest where the strong preyed on the weak.

When she heard the door open, she looked up at the clock overhead. It was six o'clock.

'Looks like someone failed to reconcile with his girlfriend again today.'

The little imp inside her secretly came out and danced a jig.copy right hot novel pub