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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 541 Enemies Meet Again

Valery winked at Wendy, hinting her to shrink back from difficulties in case of embarrassment.

Wendy tried her best to keep calm so that her fear wouldn't be exposed. She raised her neck and snorted, "what's the big deal? I'm not worse than her. Let's have a competition now." After saying that, she stood up and turned around as if she was going to the stage. After two steps, she suddenly tilted her body and fell to the ground.

This was supposed to be an embarrassing thing, but her falling on the ground was extremely elegant, as if she had planned it beforehand. Seeing this, Essie sneered. She could almost guess what would happen next.

Wendy covered her ankle and showed a painful expression. "I sprained my ankle." Valery hurried to help her up.

It seemed that the PK couldn't be held any longer. Wendy perfectly performed a gorgeous retreat.

"When my feet recover, let's have a competition!"

Then she left with Valery and went to her seat.

Looking at their backs, Eva raised her middle finger with contempt, "Her acting skill is really good. It's a pity that she didn't entered the entertainment circle!"

With a faint smile, Essie said, "in fact, even if she is the party dancing queen, she may not be able to spend a good night with my brother."

"Why?" Eva looked at her in confusion.

"Tonight is not the only birthday hero. Isn't Valery celebrating her birthday today? Wendy can spend a good night with her. " Covering her mouth, Essie chuckled.

Vinton laughed, "sister, I find that you are always smarter than others."

"Essie is a typical fool outside but smart inside." Eva smiled and patted on the shoulder of Essie.

With a slight sigh, Essie said, "this time, my aunt is determined to make my brother and Wendy get married. She won't give up. You must be on twelve percent alert and don't fall into her trap. If you meet anything strange, please tell me. One more person and one more helper."

Eva nodded her head. He would deal with everything according to the actual situation. He didn't believe that Elizabeth, that old woman, could turn the tables.

After the party, Essie went back to the Blue Coast. Zac gave her the DNA test report of Lady Rose and Mary.

It showed that the genetic resemblance was as high as ninety-nine percent.

"I knew Lady Rose and mommy were twins." Said Essie excitedly.

A few days later.

When Lady Rose heard the news, she had mixed feelings, but Mary was secretly annoyed. Her son did the DNA test behind her back. It must be the bad idea of the little tramp, Essie.

However, Lady Rose was a little confused. If she was Mrs. Mary's sister, what was the relationship between her parents in Provence and her?

Zac took out the information that Fred got from France.

"This is a photo of Sophie's family. Lady Rose is not the real Sophie. When Lady Rose had a car accident and fell into the sea, she was saved by Mr. and Mrs. Caroline. Mr. and Mrs. Caroline had just experienced the pain of losing their daughter. Their only daughter and son-in-law had been killed in an air crash, leaving only their newborn granddaughter. Mrs.copy right hot novel pub