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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 537 Fight With Elizabeth

Early in the morning, Vinton was waiting at the door of Eva's apartment. He wanted to explain the engagement to her.

Eva also saw the news. His engagement with Wendy was today's front page news, and it was hard not to see it. However, she had known about it last night. Essie called her and reminded her to be careful of Elizabeth.

She was very calm. All the time, she just treated Vinton as a friend, and had no intention of dating him.

"Vinton, Congratulations!" She smiled lightly.

"I won't marry that woman." Vinton frowned. Her reaction was like kicking him into the abyss, which made him very disappointed.

Eva picked up the coffee on the table and took a sip slowly. Last night, Essie had analyzed the stakes to her. Since this marriage would do no good to Vinton and her bestie, she had to do something, not only for Vinton, but also for her bestie.

"That woman is pretty in the photo." She said with a faint smile.

"I've seen a lot of beautiful women. Being beautiful is not something important. Personality is the most important." Vinton said scornfully.

Hearing this, Eva understood Vinton's thought. She sighed heavily and said, "Vinton, are you really your mother's biological son? She only takes advantage of you. She doesn't show her love for you at all." She had heard from Vinton that Elizabeth treated Valery much better than him. When they were young, they fell at the same time when playing together. She only hugged Valery, but never hugged him. She only applied medicine to Valery's wound and left him to the nanny, leaving him alone.

Vinton raised his eyebrows and asked, "if I am not her child, then who gave birth to me?"

"Maybe your father had a blind date with some other woman and then had you. When Elizabeth knew it, she took you away as her own child. You and Valery are not like each other at all. How could you are opposite sex twins? " Eva said methodically. Her mind was always open and she was good at fantasizing.

Vinton thought for a while and his eyes were deep. It was possible. His mother could do anything she wanted.

"Anyway, I will never be her puppet at her disposal." He clenched his fists, with fire in his eyes.

"I support you. You must find someone you like to be your wife. You can't let others control your marriage." Eva patted him on the shoulder like a good friend.

Vinton was very happy that she didn't want him to marry someone else. He knew that Eva had feelings for him.

Elizabeth wouldn't let go of Eva easily. She made an appointment with her on the second day.

The most high-end Maeve Cafe had been cleared up, and there were only two guests tonight.

In the VIP room, Eva kept stirring the coffee in her cup, feeling that a storm was coming. However, she was not afraid. Since the woman in front of her was the enemy of her best friend, which was also her enemy, she would not be frightened by her.

Elizabeth smiled gently, but her eyes were as cold as two sharp swords. "The coffee here is very good.copy right hot novel pub