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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 529 Daddy Finally Woke Up

Marina was thin and tall. She wore a pair of glasses. Through the glasses, her eyes were as swollen as walnuts. She was not beautiful. Her nose was a little short and her mouth was a little wide, which made her face look lack of a sense of harmony.

"How did she fall down?" Marina asked.

"She fell down accidentally when she went downstairs." Finney asked calmly.

Marina didn't ask any more questions. It seemed that she didn't doubt what Finney said. She took off her glasses, rubbed her red and swollen eyes and asked her to burn incense for Casey.

Then Finney just left silently.

The past month had been peaceful. Finney had thought that things had passed, but a mysterious e-mail was sent to her. It was the video of the accident.

She was so scared. Someone threatened her that if she didn't do as he said, he would hand over the video to the police and let her go to jail. She was so scared that she was at a loss and could only listen to the other party's orders.

It was already in the evening when Zac drove back to the city. The tall buildings, the shuttling cars and the noisy crowd made them feel that they seemed to have entered another world from one world.

Zac called his subordinate Marlon and asked him to look for the specific information of the two mysterious people, Casey and Marina.

They decided to start with Marina, who was the most likely to get the video. Since they didn't know her real name, Essie drew her outline according to Finney's description.

Then they went to the first people's Hospital of Dragon City where Casey was sent to. Seeing that it was Zac and Essie, the Dean checked the medical records for them in person.

However, they searched all the patients sent that day, but they didn't find the name of Casey, nor any patient who fell down.

"She might have been sent to another hospital. There are many hospitals in Dragon City. You'd better go to others to check it. It will be more convenient." The Dean suggested kindly.

With his help, they got the records of all the patients that day. A total of more than 80 people were sent to the hospital because of the fall. They looked for different hospitals separately, but they didn't find Casey's name or the patient's death record.

"As the saying goes, if the one is alive, we should see him in person. If the one is dead, we need to see his body to check. It's better to find one more person." Marlon said thoughtfully.

Zac nodded and wondered whether Casey was dead or not.

Soon, Marlon got the news. He gave Essie a photo and asked her to hand it to Finney for identification.

This was a group of people's photo. Finney looked at it carefully and recognized that two of them were Casey and Marina.

"These photos were taken in France half a month ago. Someone uploaded them on micro-blog. Marlon found the person who posted them on micro-blog. His name is Mall, and he was in the same travel group with Casey and Marina at that time."

"Half a month ago? Casey died more than a month ago, didn't she? " Finney was shocked. Was it a fake corpse?

"Obviously, she faked her death." With a gleam shining in her eyes, Essie sat down on the chair and took a sip of tea. She said slowly, "Casey's name is Levy, and this Marina's name is Honey. They used to be lovers, and they both wanted to be actress, but unfortunately, they were not good-looking and were not lucky enough, so they could only act as bit players. A month ago, they went to Germany after going through the formalities of emigration and deposited five million dollars in the German bank. "

"So, all this is a conspiracy?" Finney felt like she was on fire.copy right hot novel pub