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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 525 You Deserve It

"Mom, there's one thing I want to tell you. I haven't really divorced Zac, and he hasn't married Leila either. He just used an excuse to fool Leila," Essie said in a low voice.

Yesterday, when Zac told her about this, she was surprised, delighted and a little angry. He had lied to her for so long that she had always thought that she was a mistress and had always been regarded as a mistress by outsiders.

Lucy was shocked, which was a new situation she had never imagined.

"Essie, look at you. Many things has happened since you were with Zac. This shows that you are not the right person for each other. Why don't you just divorce? In case you delay each other's time and miss the right person. "

"Mom, it's just because we have experienced so much that we have truly seen our hearts and feelings. We want to cherish this fate, and please give us a chance, okay?"

she said honestly and pleadingly.

The corners of Lucy's mouth twitched. "Essie, the reason why I stopped you from being together is not for myself, but for you. I know Mary very well. She is ten times more cunning than Vicki. She is insidious and cunning. She won't let you and Zac have a good time. She won't stop until you are really divorced. "

"Mom, she seems to have changed a lot recently. She is much kinder to me than before. She is not as vicious as before. Maybe she is forced to accept me,"

Essie said thoughtfully. Although Mary's change was a little weird, she would rather think in a good way.

"It might be her tricks. She seemed to be on good terms with me before, and I treated her as a sister. I didn't expect her to stab me in the back, making me unprepared," Lucy said. She didn't believe that Mary would change at all.

"Mom, why did she do that? How did you get into trouble with her?" Essie couldn't help but ask. Mary was a petty and vengeful woman. Her mother must have done something wrong to make her unhappy, so she came up with such a vicious trick to hurt her.

"How do I know? Maybe she has mental problems. " Lucy snorted. Mary was too insidious. Even if she hated you in her heart, she wouldn't show it. She was always careless and never cared about anything. She wouldn't know when she offended her.

A trace of sadness flashed across Essie's face. If her mother didn't even know it, it would be difficult to resolve this resentment. To be honest, she didn't want to forgive Mary at all. What she had done to her mother and her family was unforgivable.

But, after all, she was Zac's biological mother. For the sake of Zac, she was willing to let go of the past grudges and forget hatred.

However, Lucy didn't think so. She had experienced it before. In her opinion, if the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law couldn't be properly handled, the couple wouldn't live in harmony for a long time. Moreover, she hated Mary to the bone. She couldn't accept her son, let alone see her daughter treat her as a mother and treat her with filial piety.

Therefore, she would do anything to force her to divorce Zac.

At this time, in the villa by the lakeside, Leila was standing on the rooftop with tears all over her face, as if she was going to commit suicide. Of course, she didn't really want to commit suicide. She just made up a tragedy play to win the pity of Zac.copy right hot novel pub