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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 524 Marry Me Again

When Essie woke up, she found herself lying in a strange place. The decoration and arrangement looked like a hotel room.

She wanted to stand up, but she was too weak to lift her hands.

She turned around and saw two people standing by the bed. One was tall and strong, and the other was tall and thin. They were all wearing peaked cap and masks, so she couldn't see their faces.

"Who are you?" She asked weakly.

The two didn't say anything. One of them took out a syringe with unknown medicine in it.

She realized what they were going to do and widened her eyes.

Were they Willi's men? She was hopeless. Was he going to inject her with the virus?

She wanted to resist, but she couldn't release any strength.

"You've already destroyed the antidote. I'm only a few days away. Are you still not willing to let me go?" Her face flushed with anger.

The man didn't say anything. He lifted her arm and inserted the needle into it.

The person next to her kept staring at her. For some reason, she felt that this person's eyes were so familiar, so familiar. She seemed to have seen him somewhere, but she could not remember.

Soon, her eyelids became heavy again, and her vision gradually blurred, and then she knew nothing.

At this time, Zac was questioning Liam in the cell of the men in black, hoping that they still had the test record or spare antidote.

At this time, her phone rang and he received a text message. It said, "If you still want to see Essie, come to room 1314 of InterContinental Hotel."

Shocked, Zac jumped up and rushed out like a hurricane.

Room 1314 was empty, only Essie was lying on the bed in a coma.

Zac was so worried about her that he picked her up and ran outside in a hurry.

It was the second day since Essie woke up. She made a move and found that she had strength.

Zac had been staying by her side all the time. When he saw her open her eyes, he was slightly relieved.

"What happened? Why are you in the InterContinental Hotel? " he asked anxiously.

"Two of them took me there and injected me with new virus," Essie said weakly.

Zac's relaxed nerves suddenly tightened. He lifted her arm and saw the needle eye on it. His handsome face twisted in extreme anger.

He immediately called the dean of the hospital to give her a complete physical examination. But to everyone's surprise, they not only did not find new virus, but also happily found that the remaining old virus in her body had been completely cleared.

"If I'm not wrong, it's not a new virus, but an original antidote," said the dean.

A tinge of surprise flied into Zac's eyes. He opened his arms and held Essie in his arms, spinning three hundred and sixty degrees in the air. "That's great. That's great."

Tears of joy welled up in Essie's eyes.

"They want to save me, not kill me?" She was shocked.

"Maybe they are not enemies," Zac said thoughtfully, but their method and means were really confusing.

The familiar eyes kept flashing in Essie's mind. She was sure that she had seen him before, but she couldn't remember him no matter how desperate she tried to remember him.

"Who the hell are they? Why did they save me? There must be a reason for them to do so."

"Let's think about it later. If my guess is right, they will show up again." Zac put his arm around her shoulder. Now, he was in a good mood.copy right hot novel pub