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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 519 Help My Child

At midnight, the village was desolate and the mountains were covered with cold wind.

In the glamour warehouse, which was abandoned in the north of the city, the light was as dim as ghost fire.

Suddenly, the sound of the giant truck's engine came and broke the dead silence.

"Can they really let Dot go?" Essie jumped out of the car, trembling in extreme anxiety and panic.

"Keep calm and play it by my eyes." Said Zac in a low and deep voice.

There were several strange figures hiding in the dark. They were all paying close attention to the situation in the warehouse.

Zac walked into the warehouse, and Essie followed closely behind him.

The messy cartons and stale smell of the warehouse came from the air.

"We are already here. Where is the child?" Said Zac in a low voice, his words echoing in the air.

A black shadow appeared in front of the fence on the second floor. He wore a black cloak and a skull mask. "Have you taken the money?" He said in a low voice deliberately.

"It is in the container. Where's the kid?" There was a bloodthirsty murderous look in Zac' cold eyes.

A beam of light was projected from the black shadow and aimed at the darkest corner of the warehouse.

The child's thin figure slowly appeared.

He was hanging in midair, eyes closed and motionless, as if in a coma.

"Dot --" Essie screamed in panic. She rushed madly over and tried to hold the child, but she couldn't reach him. "What did you do to my child?"

"Don't worry. He just took a few sleeping pills, but..." There was a sinister laugh coming from the second floor. Then the person went away, and the beam of light disappeared as well. Darkness covered them again.

Essie turned on the flashlight of her cellphone and said, "Zac, put him down." Before she finished speaking, she saw a red light flashed out of the child's body, and then there was the click sound, as if a time had been activated.

Startled, Zac looked at the dazzling red light: 40, 39, 38...

"Damn it!" He grabbed Essie, "come on! It's a time bomb!"

In an instant, Essie's face turned deathly pale. "Save him! Save him!" She used up all her strength to cry and shout, and her voice echoed around the warehouse.

"It's too late!" Zac picked her up and ran out. As she struggled, she cried, "save him. Please, save him!"

As soon as the two people rushed out of the warehouse, a loud explosion came from behind like a thunderclap.

Zac pulled her down to the ground right away and held her in his arms to protect her.

The warehouse was ablaze with fire, and half of the night was dyed red.

"Dot --" Essie pushed Zac away all of a sudden and turned around to rush into the fire. But she was immediately grabbed by him. He pulled her to a safe place about ten meters away.

She raised her hand angrily and slapped him. "Why don't you save him? Why don't you save him?" She roared hysterically, and then cried hysterically.

Zac held her in his arms sadly. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry..." He spoke incoherently.

Far away, there was a horrible shadow. Leila smiled wickedly and won. "How about my plan? Is it perfect? If I wait for you to come up with some good ideas, I'm afraid that you will fail. "

Beside Leila, a man wearing an artificial mask laughed ferociously.copy right hot novel pub