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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 515 The Children's Last Name

Since Leila's pregnancy news came out, Mary had been persuading her parents-in-law, hoping they could accept Leila as their granddaughter-in-law. But they didn't change their mind. It seemed that they didn't take this great grandson seriously at all.

Now she finally understood the reason.

'Essie is really a cunning woman who has hidden herself well. Everyone is fooled by her.' Mary thought in her heart.

In the vast meeting hall of the Rong's house, the two elders sat upright, with Mili and Dot between them.

"It must be the ancestors of Rong family who came to help. They get the two children to recognize their ancestors and return to our family on Abel's birthday." Alena put her hands on the shoulders of the twins and said, "it's the first time that we have opposite sex twins in Rong's family. Abel and I feel heartbroken at the thought that our two great grandson and great granddaughter couldn't live with us."

A hint of evil look flashed through Mary's eyes. She didn't like Mili and Dot at all. Even if they were her grandson and granddaughter, she didn't like them because of their mother.

What was worse, they didn't even have the chance to have a paternity test, because Dot was too similar to her son. She had no reason to bring up a question.

"In fact, I have always been fond of these two children and I always felt very close to them. I never thought that they are really my grandson and granddaughter." Mary tried to put on a more exaggerated smile, trying to hide the malicious and insidious expression in her eyes.

"Dad and mom have long regarded them as their great grandson and great granddaughter. I, as the grandfather, was still kept in the dark. " Said Albert with a smile. Since the two children entered the house, he felt that things were strange. He did not expect that the truth was on his grandson's face. No wonder he drew a face every time he came, because he was afraid that the small secret would be discovered.

"I, as a father, don't know it at all, let alone you," Zac murmured beside, seeming a little depressed. Albert understood what was on his son's mind. He patted his son's shoulder and gave him a comforting look. "It doesn't matter if you knew it sooner or later. It's okay as long as they are your kids."

Well. The corners of Zac's mouth lifted. His mood suddenly changed.

Dot glanced at him. Her big black eyes flashed like stars falling into the sea. "Uncle Zac, don't forget what you promised me on the boat that you would give me and my sister a complete family." He deliberately called him "Uncle Zac" in a loud voice.

Listening to this particularly sharp voice, Zac frowned in dissatisfaction. "Kiddo, I'm your real father."

"I'll call you daddy after you keep your promise." Dot said in a domineering and tempting state.

Zac was a little shocked. No wonder that he was his son. Just like him, he was fearless and never bow to anyone.

Caressing her great grandson's head, Abel turned to glance at Zac. "This is not only the request of Dot, but also the request of your grandmother and me. You must do it."

Zac said nothing, neither denying nor confirming. He never made a promise when he was not sure if he could do it. Since he had promised, he would keep it. But not now. He must wait until Essie completely recovers.

Essie lowered her head slightly and sat quietly beside. She was still a little uneasy. She was afraid that Zac would fall out with her, fight for the custody with her and take away Mili and Dot.copy right hot novel pub