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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 509 A Genuine Agreement

"It's up to me. If I don't need you to pay me back, you'd better disappear from my life once and for all." Every word was said in a cold and arrogant tone.

Essie was petrified. How could he treat her like a slave and deprive her of her rights. She was a little angry and annoyed, but she owed him. She loved him, so she deserved to be enslaved.

"I won't be in a passive position forever. I will let you say that three words to me in person one day."

"Which three words?" There was a secret light shining in Zac's dark eyes.

"I love you," she said clearly, word by word.

"It's so rare for you to confess everything to me." With a beautiful arc on his perfect thin lips, Zac looked quite proud.

Essie was then realized she fell into his trap again. Feeling embarrassed and annoyed, she flushed.

"I... I don't love you. Unless you fall in love with me first, otherwise I will... I will definitely not love you."

A ray of light flew into the eyes of Zac. Although somebody's said angry words, that gave him hope, "You little fool, you mean as long as I love you, you will love me?"

"Yes... Yes, feelings are mutual. I... I don't want wishful love. "

Suddenly, Zac reached out his little finger and held her. "You little fool, let's make an agreement, to exchange our hearts. If you really have the ability to win my heart, you should give yours to me. "

As soon as he finished speaking, Essie opened her eyes wide, and a haze of charm gently floated across her eyes.

She had lost her heart to him a long time ago, but would he give his heart to her?

"If I lost my heart to you first, would you also give yours to me?" she asked cautiously.

"Will you lose to me first?" Zac looked at her. There was a warm light shining in his dark and cold eyes.

"Didn't you say that everything is possible?" she murmured in a low voice.

The ice in his eyes seemed to melt away, and a tenderness faintly flowed in his eyes.

"You little fool, then we can make a deal. As long as one of us love the other first, the other will give the heart and love as well unconditionally."

Hearing that, Essie lowered her head and nodded slightly. Of course she had to say yes since this agreement seemed to be good for her. "A word spoken is an arrow let fly." she said nervously.

A period of time afterwards, Essie and Jim continued to maintain a relationship on the surface to confuse the enemy. Every time she arrived at the Blue Coast, she wore the artificial mask. She appeared as a maid. No one knew that she was Essie except Ann.

On Friday, Ivy came over and invited her to eat spicy crabs.

Essie knew that she was in a bad mood, so she wanted to complain to her. Because yesterday, some media reported that Hanson and Christina were going to get engaged.

They went to the most famous spicy crab shop in Dragon City and sat at a table by the window.

"Sister, I heard that you are dating with brother Jim. What about my cousin? Is it true that you two have no possibility to remarry?" Ivy said pitifully.

"Let nature take its course," Essie said casually. It was hard to tell her that she was enslaved by the big devil every day.

"The God of Matchmaker is really good at making jokes. He always makes mistakes to get the two that shouldn't be together," Ivy said, depressed.copy right hot novel pub