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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 508 Fight For The Wife

"Actually, what I worry most now is that your fans will throw rotten eggs at me after we break up."

"It's okay. Wear a helmet when you go out." Teased Jim.

Essie pouted. "How about this? You can tell the media that if you dump me, your fans won't blame me."

Jim reached out his hand and touched her head sympathetically. "I don't think it's a good idea. You've been robbed of your love twice, and I'm going to kick you out again. How can you survive happily in the future gossips of celebrities?"

"Though I feel a little sad, it's better than being throwing rotten eggs and to be chased by your fans. You have so many fans. If I dump you, I'll become a public enemy of the world. I will have no place to stand on the earth in the future," Essie continued to tease herself.

Jim shook his head and laughed. "Look at you. As soon as Zac is wavering, you break up with me immediately and turn around to him. Am I not as charming as Zac? "

"You are the most attractive man in the world. Being your girlfriend means a lot to me. I'm under a lot of pressure." She fluttered her long curly eyelashes, like two flapping butterfly wings.

"Zac is such a cold and overbearing man. Don't you feel stressed to be with him?" With his thick eyebrows raised a little, there was a touch of inquiry and curiosity in his eyes, as if he wanted to know how the two got along with each other since one of them was like a fierce leopard and the other as a weak lamb.

The smile on Essie's face was more and more profound. Although Zac's intelligence defeated her in seconds, his strength also the same, and so did his aura, they found a strange balance between the constant plunder and compromise. Most of the time, the little lamb wanted to struggle and resist, but when it couldn't do anything, it became bear. Over time, its body and heart were captured by the leopard.

"I can't change once I get used to a person," she murmured in a very low voice, as if she was talking to herself.

With a deep sigh, Jim said, "Maybe it's the fate."

It was a villa in front of them. When the car slowly drove to the gate, a black Bentley stopped in front of them from another road and blocked their way.

"He actually does this." Jim squinted his eyes, opened the door and got out of the car. Essie followed him.

The people in the Bentley also got off.

"Jim, I've changed my mind. I'll take my woman away." With these arrogant words, Zac walked up to them and held Essie's hands.

"Didn't you say that you wouldn't regret it?" Jim held the other hand of Essie and they stood at a stalemate.

"You just take it a brain fart of mine at that time." Zac frowned and glared at his hand angrily. He was not pleased with his attitude of 'snatching away my love'.

Jim didn't feel relaxed. "Zac, Cathy is not a toy. You should listen to her decision."

"No need for that. She is my woman. My decision is also hers." Zac was the person who looked down upon everyone. He had recruited her into his own private field and never thought of giving her the right to choose. He had never done that before, now, and in the future.

Essie was speechless. She pulled away his hand with all her strength and said, "Zac, I'm

a person. I'm not your private property.copy right hot novel pub