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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 507 Come Back To Me

Zac's clenched finger slightly raised to the side and hit the glass on the table. The wine spilled from the table and splashed on Essie's dress.

She quickly stood up and went to the washroom to clean it. And Zac also stood up.

Jim pretended not to know his intention. He was drinking and didn't say anything.

As soon as Essie came out of the bathroom, he dragged her into an empty box nearby.

"What are you doing?" She cowered a little at the sight of the man coming to blame her.

"You can't go to Jim's home," Zac said in an extremely domineering tone, as if an emperor was sending a commander to his ministers.

Essie push his hand away. "Mr. Rong, from the moment we left the True Color Bar, we were done. We have nothing to do with each other. This is my business. It's none of your business. "

Zac's eyes twitched. A trace of sadness flashed across his eyes. "I did it for your own good. Women should be more reserved." He changed his tone.

"Are we still young? Just ignore them," Essie said casually.

Zac was furious. His brows twisted into a straight line. "Essie Yi, I didn't know you would be such a casual woman."

Essie smiled coldly and said, "Zac Rong, didn't you say that you wanted me to be with Jim? I just did what you wanted. You should be happy. Why did you blame me? Do you have any reason and right to blame me? "

There was a violent spasm that crushed his body. "You know it?"

"Thank you for your arrangement. I get along well with Jim. Perhaps he is the right person for me. So I decide to give myself entirely to him tonight. " Essie declared it word by word in a fit of pique.

There seemed to be a thunder in the brain of Zac, exploding his reason and thoughts. Things were completely out of his expectation. No wonder she accepted Jim so soon, no wonder she was going to hand her over without scruple. It turned out that she was deliberately irritating him!

What a silly girl! How could he forget such an important thing?

At the thought of what would happen later and her being held in another man's arms, he was on the verge of collapse or madness. There was only one idea left in his mind: stop her and take her back.

She gave herself to Hanson just because she hated him three years ago. Now he could no longer watch her repeat her mistakes.

He suddenly reached out and pulled her into his arms. Although he only held one hand, he held her so tightly as if she would run away and never be found again.

"I have changed my mind. Come back right now." His tone was sincere and arrogant, as if he was not going to give her any way out.

She struggled to push him away, but even if he only had one arm, the force was so strong that she was unable to refuse.

She was a little angry and annoyed. She clenched her fists and thumped him on the shoulder. "Who do you think I am? Your private belongings or dolls? If you want me, I have to be with you. If you don't want me, you can give me to others as long as your wish. Have you considered my feelings? Have you ever respected me? "

Blazing flames were burning in his eyes, and his eyes were red. "You are my woman," he said word by word, clear and powerful.

"I'm no longer who I am.copy right hot novel pub