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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 505 Artificial Impregnation

"It seems that you really want to get rid of me. Well, then I'll leave it to fate. " she lowered her head and muttered. Her face looked dejected and desperate.

She took the dice cup before her, and it wasn't an ordinary cup of dice, it was a magic dice cup she had prepared beforehand, in which she could name the numbers she wanted.

"Let's decided the result by one gamble. If your number is larger than mine, then you will win."

Zac nodded slightly and said coldly, "Let's begin."

She shook the dice cup hard and then opened it, it was three pieces of one.

That was the smallest amount of points, which looked like she lost without any doubt.

Zac's expression became extremely complicated. His eyes seemed darker and darker as if they were dyed by a dark ink. No one could tell whether he was happy or sad, grateful or disappointed.

"It's your turn," Essie said dejectedly. She had made up her mind that if this was what he wanted, she would do him the favor.

Zac took up his cup and shook it gently. The force was so weak that it was of no use. No one knew if he felt he was going to win, or subconsciously he never thought about winning her.

When he unscrewed the cup, Essie was dumbfounded.

And it turned out to be three pieces of one again.

She shook out three pieces of one was because she had used a cup of magic dice. But his cup was just an ordinary one. It was weird to get the same points as hers.

Was she really a disaster? She sucked his good luck and made him unable to win the dice?

Zac didn't show any disappointed expression on his face. Instead, he looked a little gratified. "Come again." He took up the cup.

In the second play, the two continued to fight evenly with three pieces of one.

In the third play, Essie let Zac throw in advance. She didn't expect him to have the same result again!

She touched her forehead and sweated, "Icy guy, it seems that the God doesn't give you a chance to turn over. Why don't you listen to me?"

Zac's beautiful eyebrows slightly wrinkled. "No more nonsense, go on." Although he hated the three disobedient little things very much, today they seemed not to be so annoying.

"Let's change to another way. The one who had the smallest numbers will win," she suggested.

"Whatever," he said impatiently. He just wanted to end this gambling as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would lose control and show his true feelings.

"You come first," Essie said in a low voice.

He took up the cup, shook two times casually, and opened it: two, three and five.

A bitter smile gradually emerged on Essie's face. The battle was finally over.

Then she took up her magic cup and shook six times to open it. It was three pieces of six.

"Congratulations! Freezing guy, you finally win!" She forced herself to smile at him.

There was no joy or excitement in his dark eyes. "You can go now. Fuck off from me.copy right hot novel pub