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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 504 What Do You Want To Say

It seemed that Essie was hit by a bullet at a vital point, and her face suddenly turned pale. "Brother Jim, what do you mean?"

Jim slightly raised his beautiful bushy eyebrows and said word by word, "Zac gives you to me."

His words were like a thunderclap, and she jumped up from the chair in surprise and shouted, "Brother Jim, don't talk nonsense!" Her nerves were on edge. Her face was distorted in fury.

"I'm serious about every word I said. In fact, it is Zac who arranged the meeting for us on purpose." Jim said in a clear and forceful voice.

"I'm not a toy that he could give anyone at will." A rage rose from her chest. She couldn't imagine that Zac would leave her to Jim. She was following him like a shadow these days, which made him feel annoyed and want to give her to others?

"Don't get him wrong. He just wants to protect you." Jim explained, "He wanted to create a new protective umbrella for you, so he chose me."

"I don't need his protection. I can protect myself." A warm wave rushed into her eyes. She was not a fragile flower, but a strong grass. She had already gone through countless trials and hardships, no matter how strong the storm was. She was no longer defeated by such a trivial things.

"You have to let him see this clearly," Jim said.

He knew very well that this woman held a special position in the heart of Zac. Even though Zac asked him to help him, even if he had a good impression of this woman, he would not do anything to try to compete with him. He didn't want to disappoint Zac, and he couldn't lie to Essie either. The best way was to put the matter straight, so that Essie could cooperate with him to act.

When she thought of this, her heart wrenched. It was so painful. Perhaps Jim was just comforting her. Perhaps it was because Zac really hated her and wanted to drive her away that he came up with such a bad idea.

"Things change. I really didn't expect we would end up like this." She lowered her eyes. The delicate eyelashes cast a sad shadow on her eyelids. "He is just like a book without words, too profound for me to understand in a lifetime."

"Maybe you will understand if you act a few scenes with me." Jim's lips curved in a mischievous smile.

She slightly trembled and raised her eyelashes to look at him. Her eyes deepened in the light...

The next day, she went to the Blue Coast.

Zac just came back from the treatment. The moment he saw her, there was a glimmer in his dark eyes, like a meteor, but it disappeared in an instant.

"Stupid woman, why are you here again?" His tone was even colder than his expression.

"Why did you stand me up yesterday?" she asked angrily.

"I didn't plan to go, I just wanted to punish you. Why do you follow me like a shadow? It's so annoying," Zac said with a sneer.

It seemed that her heart was stabbed by a needle. There was a faint pain in her heart. She took a deep breath and tried her best to calm herself down. "It doesn't matter. Anyway, brother Jim and I had a very nice dinner last night," she said angrily.

Immediately, Zac felt like he was forced to eat a lemon. The extreme bitterness spread from the tip of his tongue to his internal organs. "Very good. Maybe you can try to get along with each other." His voice was extremely hoarse, as if his throat was injured by this sourness.copy right hot novel pub