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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 500 If You Are In Pain, I Will Be Hurt

With a light smile on her face, Essie continued, "Icy guy, didn't I just said that? Even if I want to be your lover all my life, I don't care. You're mine. Even if you're not now, I'll take you over and become my exclusive angel. "

Leila had done something stupid. It seemed that she got him, but in fact, she was speeding up to lose him. Therefore, it was the best chance for her to get rid of her. Then she would occupy him, never give any chance to other women.

Zac felt resigned when he heard her. What mattered most was that his body was gradually out of control and didn't listen to his sense of reason.

"You are such a stupid woman. Get out of here right now. Otherwise, I will call the bodyguard to pull you out." He was so upset that he didn't know what to do under such situation. His brain could no longer work.

There were two dimples on her cheeks and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly. "I'm naked now. The bodyguards are all men," she answered.

As soon as she finished speaking, Zac resolutely denied it in his heart. He was the only one who could appreciate his woman. Anyone who wanted to be unfortunate to see her would be blind!

"Stupid woman, I'll give you the last warning. If you don't let me go, don't blame me..." As he was threatening her, a sudden devouring feeling burnt his last sanity and thoughts...

A few hours later, the woman naughtily smiled, "Icy guy, I will accompany you every night from now on, okay?"

Zac quickly hid the gentleness in his eyes and put on an indifferent and cold expression. "No. put on your clothes and get out immediately. From now on, don't show up in front of me."

She was a little disappointed and said, "You had a totally different face now. You did not act like this before."

"We were just playing before. I'm a man. There's no reason for me to reject a woman who threw herself at me. Now, I've finished playing. It's time to get rid of her. " Zac tried his best to be cruel and heartless so that she could retreat from difficulties. She was always timid and flinching in a relationship. He believed that she would give up sooner or later if he kept being cold.

Hearing that, Essie lowered her eyes again, while her long and dense eyelashes cast a sad shadow on her eyelids. "Icy guy, do you really not want me anymore?"

"I have never thought of having you." Zac sneered and said ironically, "You knew yourself well enough before. You would disappear once I was annoyed. Why are you becoming more and more shameless and annoying now? "

Hearing his words, a tear of grievance fell from her eyes. "Icy guy, if you really don't want to see me, I will go. But I'm so tired now. I can't move at all. I need to have a rest before I can leave. " Then she pulled the quilt and covered her head, acting like a spoiled child.

Zac didn't say anything more. The tenderness in his heart was even deeper and stronger than the darkness outside the window, making him unable to say a cruel word. He had restrained his desire for many days, which was like the volcano eruption of Yellowstone Caldera, uncontrollable.

He knew she was really tired.

Essie fell asleep.copy right hot novel pub