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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 499 Take The Initiative To Pursue Her

He clenched his teeth and threw her hard. Caught off guard, she was threw off the bed and onto the ground.

Seeing her painful face, he immediately regretted. With pity, he wanted to stretch out his hand to pull her up, but finally he held it back and clenched his fingers.

"Essie Yi, don't you know you're annoying? You are stupid and silly. You are only good for nothing except your body. "

"Haven't you told me that you are both handsome and smart? I don't need it anymore. I don't care whether I am stupid or not." She stood up from the ground and decided to stick to him as firmly as she could and he wouldn't be able to throw her off.

With a deliberately mocking and cold expression on his face, which allowed him not to be softhearted, he said, "I haven't found out until now that you are such shameless. Perhaps you can have a fight against the earth wall."

However, Essie, who was fearless of death, didn't yield to insult or surrender, and instead pulled her mouth and said with a smile, "That's just who I am. You haven't discovered it until now? You are still a genius whose IQ is over two hundred. Where did you spend the extra forty scores? They are divided into groups, aren't they? "

He flicked her forehead. He was speechless with her. It turned out that this stupid woman could be so clingy. But her being close to him made him very happy. He enjoyed it very much. He even hoped that she could be with him like this the rest of her life. He didn't want to lose her.

But now it was not the right time. He had to sealed off all the emotions, keep her away from him, and ensure her safety.

"Essie, if you don't leave now, I'll ask the bodyguards to drag you out."

"Icy guy." She walked to him and hugged him again. "William has told me everything. I'm sorry. I've been misunderstood you all the time. I know you're deliberately alienating me, for fear that they don't give me the antidote preparation. But don't worry, I'll be careful, and I'll live happily for our future! "

Zac was expressionless and wore a mask to hide all his passionate feelings.

"Essie, you are wrong. I don't have time to care about you. Your life or death has nothing to do with me," he said ruthlessly.

"No, I'm not. You are lying. You always said that I was the kind of person thought and said the different thing. You are also the same," Essie said with a frown.

"Do you know what is emotional investment?" Zac asked coldly.

Essie lowered her eyelashes. She didn't like to hear the word.

"I don't know." She shook her head on purpose.

"Well, let me tell you frankly today, everything I have done for you is emotional investment. Three years ago, I wanted to use you to stop the engagement. And now, I need you to maintain the cooperation between the two companies. "

He paused, trying his best to keep his tone cool and calm.

"If it happened three years ago, I would only have you as my shield. Because you, as Essie Yi, are not enough to make me sacrifice too much.copy right hot novel pub