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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 489 Bite The Lip

"My mother suffered from Alzheimer's disease. When my father was alive, he would send a bunch of forget me not every day, only hoping that she would recover. Don't forget what happened in the past. Since my father passed away the year before last, I sent flowers to my mother every day on his behalf. Although she doesn't recognize me now, she smiles every time she sees flowers," Lady Rose said slowly and clearly.

"That means she hasn't forgotten you. She still remembers you unconsciously," Essie tried to comfort her.

"I hope so." Lady Rose looked at an unknown corner in the garden and said, "Human's brain is really a marvelous thing. It will make many dreams and take you to somewhere you have never been in your memory, making you feel as if you have been there."

"Maybe it's just a dream. Sometimes, it is the reflection of the reality. Although we seem to forget something, we can show it through the dream," Essie said casually.

"I hope my mother can often dream about us like you said," Lady Rose said with a smile.

As she spoke, she saw a tall, beautiful hybrid beauty coming over. "Mom, do you have any guests?" She spoke French.

Mrs. Rose smiled and introduced her to them, "Her name is Irene. She is my daughter." Then, she introduced her guest to her daughter.

"Nice to meet you, miss Irene," Zac said in French.

With a glint of happiness flashing in her eyes, Irene replied, "I'm glad to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Rong." She changed to talk in Chinese. She had been learning Chinese from Lady Rose since she was a child. She was very good at Chinese.

Mrs. Rose took a sip of tea and said with a smile, "Irene, let me tell you a surprising thing. Mr. Rong's mother looks like me very much, as if we were the same person. When I saw her photo, I was really taken aback."

"Really?" Irene's eyes widened in surprise. "No wonder Mr. Rong resembles you so much. I almost thought he was your illegitimate child." she said with a smile, covering her mouth with her hand. The look in her eyes was full of tease.

"You are getting more and more naughty." Lady Rose pretended to give her a look, knowing she was joking.

Irene sat on an empty chair and ate a piece of cake. Her eyes swept over Zac's face intentionally or unintentionally. Zac was so perfect and handsome. She had never seen such a handsome man so she couldn't help but want to take a few more glances at him.

"Mr. and Mrs. Rong, what do you do?" She was more interested in what Zac did. As for his wife, she just wanted to know it by the way.

"I am a fashion designer. My husband is an architectural engineer," Essie easily replied.

"Wow, you are both high-end and professional!" There was a trace of envy in Irene's eyes. "I used to want to be a fashion designer. I wanted to go to Paris. But grandfather wants me to stay and take care of the chateau with mother, so I have to give up my dream and stay here. " There was a regretful look on her face.

Mrs. Rose patted her hand and said, "I'm old now. You'll take over the chateau sooner or later."

Irene shrugged and said nothing. She had no interest in managing a chateau.

Mili blinked her beautiful eyes and gave her a thumbs up. "Aunt Irene, your Chinese is so good.copy right hot novel pub