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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 482 Limiting Her Freedom (Part One)

Essie, had a glance at Mary from the corner of her eye. She pushed Zac and said, "Your mommy is here."

Withdrawing his arm from the woman's, Zac turned his head to look at the woman standing at the door. "Mommy, are you here for Rabi?" he asked deliberately.

As soon as Mili and Dot saw Mary, they rushed to Essie and protected her with their little arms. "Bad grandma, don't bully my mommy!" Mili shouted. She knew Mary was up to something by looking at her sullen face.

Rabi was timid. Fearing that his grandmother would hit his Mommy again, he hid behind Zac.

Mary really had the urge to slap Essie for a score of times, so that she could get even with what Luce did to her last time. However, she was in the most advantageous spot. Her parents would definitely punish her if they knew that she did such a stupid thing.

"What an ill bred child! How could you be so rude?" She turned to Mili and glared at her. The little tramp was detestable, so was her little bastards.

"Grandpa Mao said that we need to treat a bad person as the ruthless as the autumn wind sweeping away the falling leaves. No matter who the bad person is," Mili said confidently.

Essie stroke her head. "It's okay, sweetheart. Grandma just came to visit you. You can go on playing." Although she didn't want the children to hate Mary, she didn't want to retouch her and speak for her. She was so terrible that she wanted the kids to be on the alert.

"Mommy, if you have something to say, just go outside. Don't let the kids see you." There was an impatient expression on Zac's face. To be honest, he felt a headache every time when he saw his mother, because she had almost nothing to do except blaming Essie and then stopping them from contacting with each other.

"You two come out with me," Mary said gloomily, turned around and walked outside.

With a glance at each other, Essie and Zac followed her.

Mili was worried, "She really won't hit Mommy?"

"I don't think so. Great grandpa and great grandma are at home," Dot said thoughtfully.copy right hot novel pub