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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 476 You Have Gone Too Far

"One day, I will make you understand." His throat was badly hurt by sadness and his voice became hoarse.

"Well, just let it be." Essie waved her hands, with a look of depression on her face. It was just her destiny. If he was destined not to belong to her, all her hopes would eventually be shattered. It was better not to have hope.

Zac didn't like her negative behavior, and felt very annoyed. The woman was obviously tough, the typical soft outside and the strong inside. However, as long as it came to him, she would become soft. She would compromise and give in all kinds of things, as if he was dispensable, even if she lost him, she didn't care.

"I really want to squeeze my head into your brain and see what is in it."

"I also want to know what's in your heart," she curled her lips and said that while drinking.

"It's empty." He shrugged. His tone sounded like joking, but there was no smile on his face. 'Even if I had this little fool inside, I wouldn't have told her since she has always been under the shadow of Hanson.'

"It's impossible!" She shook her head, with a look of doubt. 'Isn't Leila in his heart?'

"Do you want to see it?" He abruptly pulled open his collar, revealing his solid chest muscles.

She looked at him with an anthomaniac look and swallowed hard. Although she had countless times of intimation, she was almost forced by him every time. She had no time and mind to enjoy his charming body.

"I can't see." She sighed softly. Even if she saw it, she could not understand. This heart was too complicated and unpredictable. A dull person like her could not understand it.

"It means you are stupid!" He flicked her forehead and suddenly reached out his hand to hold her forehead. He pulled her close to his chest and said, "If you can't see, then you should hear."

Her ears were wide open. His heartbeat was fierce and powerful, like a rhythmic and beautiful music, but she didn't understand at all what it meant.

"It is thumping all the time, just like mime, there is nothing special." She waved her hand and smiled. She had already drunk several glasses of wine, and her eyes were full of drunkenness. "I'll let you listen to mine," she said while unbuttoning her shirt.

When his eyes swept across her open collars, they were set on fire. "I'm not interested now. I'll hear as much as I want later."

"Hey, what's on my mind? Don't you care about me?" She was a little angry, a little annoyed. This guy had never taken her seriously.

"I don't care," he said indifferently. He didn't care about that at all since she did not think about him.

"Cold blood." She was so angry that she pushed him away, sat down on the sofa, grabbed the glass on the table and drank to give vent to her depression.

"It's not until today that you know it." He snorted and put his two hands on the back of the sofa, in a posture of encircling her. "Don't forget that the fate of you and the Xu group is now in my hands. You must not annoy me again." He threatened word by word.

She hissed and held her arms. Suddenly she felt the sunshine was cold.

"You... Don't go too far. I... I have my bottom line. "

With a slight smile at the corners of his charming lips, he said, "You have a bottom line, but it is bottomless. I can keep refreshing it."

Petrified, she opened her small mouth for a moment before saying, "Shameless.copy right hot novel pub