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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 472 Conquer You Slowly

"Luce, how dare you slap me?"

"Mary, do you dare to touch my daughter again?" Lucy stared at her fiercely. "I wanted to slap you eighteen years ago. After all the things you have done to me, even slapping you a hundred times wouldn't relieve my hatred!"

"Nobody dares to hit me in Dragon City." Mary's face turned red with anger. She raised her hand in an attempt to slap back. But her arm was grabbed by Zac. "All right, Mommy. Don't push others too hard."

"Zac, didn't you see that woman slap me? I'm your mother. Why do you even stop me if you don't help me?" Mary's face darkened with anger.

"You are my mom and she is my mother-in-law. It's unfilial to help anyone," Zac said in a solemn tone.

"You and Essie have divorced. She has nothing to do with you." Mary was infuriated.

"Mother for a day, and mother for a lifetime," Zac answered firmly and decisively.

Hearing that, Lucy was shocked slightly in her heart. It seemed that the child was inherited from Albert. Unlike this vicious woman, he was the blessing of the Rong family.

Mary was furious to death. How could she have such an ungrateful son?

"If you help her today, you will not be my son anymore."

"I won't help anyone." Zac answered in an indifferent tone and turned to mark. "Aunt, you may go back first."

Lucy nodded and left with Alice.

Withdrawing his hand from his mother's, Zac walked in front of Leila and said, "Leila, you go back too. Let's have dinner together in the evening."

Unwilling to give up, Leila took a look at upstairs. She knew that there must be someone hiding in the room, even though Essie wasn't there. However, there was a conflict between Zac and Mary to be solved. It was not the right time for her to fight. She'd better leave wisely.

Without saying a word, she turned around and walked out of the room in silence.

Seeing the door closed, Mary hit Zac angrily, "You are really my good son."

Zac poured her a cup of tea. "Mommy, you couldn't stand it even though auntie slapped you twice. What about the things you did to her? You not only broke up her family, but also tried to drive her to death. Why do you hate her so much that you even want to kill her?"

"Did Essie frame me up again?" Mary said with a pale face.

"Mommy, although it's been more than twenty years, all the people involved are alive. As long as I send someone to look into it, it's easy to get the truth." Zac looked at her, deep and sharp. "You may deny it, but people are doing it, God is watching, what is wrong is wrong."

"Are you on their side to judge me?" Mary's shoulder shivered.

"I am not qualified to judge you, and I don't want to judge you either. I just hope that the feud between you and aunt Du can be resolved, and that you won't be as resentful as an enemy. You see the current situation. The Qin family is trying every means to make the Xu family become their ally. Luce is the mother of Essie and her sister. If your relationship is not good, it will indirectly affect our relationship with the Xu family. The elders of the Rong family are already dissatisfied with you. If you continue to confront with Essie and her mother, I'm afraid you will no longer be the hostess of the Rong family." Zac tried his best to persuade his mother. He didn't want to hurt his mother's feeling. He hoped that his mother could do something for the sake of family interests.

But how could Mary listen to him? She hated Luce, even her daughter, Essie. But her reaction was not as fierce as before, but became peaceful. Since her son knew her secret, she had to use soft means to win him over, so as not to completely lose respect in his heart.

"I will think about your words. But you are a married man now and you should avoid arousing suspicion with Essie.copy right hot novel pub