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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 467 Cuckold

Fell had been furious at first, but he didn't expect that there was another woman standing in front of him, Essie, who had opened the door for him, he had to swallow his anger.

"Where is Alice?" he asked, gritting his teeth.

"Brother in law, calm down. It's not what you think." Essie took a bottle of iced water out of the refrigerator and gave it to him to lower his anger.

Vincent opened the bottle, gulped down the wine and said, "She cheated on me! We just engaged for two days. How could I calm down?" Now all the people in this country knew this. The young master of the Qin family had always been known as' citizen favored husband ', and was infatuated by countless women, but now it turned into 'poor cuckold man'.

"Brother in law, my sister is not that kind of woman. She loves you so much that she can't do such a thing. There must be something wrong with it," Essie tried to comfort him.

"I think she is a slut. She drugged me at the birthday party and made me have sex with her. Otherwise, why would I be in a relationship with her? I don't need to think about it. She is a slut of loose morals and a whore that everybody could fuck!"

Fell was so infuriated that he could not even control his tongue. In the morning, he received countless phone calls, and overnight became the laughing stock of all the celebrities.

He didn't like Alice at the beginning and married her for the sake of family interests. Now he had an impulse to strangle her.

Essie was shocked again. Her sister drugged Fell and had sex with him? How could it be possible?

"Brother in law, you must have misunderstood. Why did my sister drug you?"

"You don't know her well. I used to think she was an aloof, detached Miss Little Dragon. I didn't expect her to be so obstinate. You'd better be careful. She doesn't see you as her sister. She just thought of..."

"Fell, shut up!" Alice rushed out of the room, she interrupted Fell sharply. She was afraid that he would go ballistic and blurt out her wild ambition.

"You are finally willing to come out!" At the sight of her, Fell rushed to her angrily, twisted her down the stairs like an eagle, and then gave her a slap in the face.

"Stop it, brother in law!" Essie screamed as she rushed to stand between them to protect Alice.

"I never hit women, but today I really want to punch you, so I go all out." Fell glared at the person behind Essie.

Trembling, Alice didn't even care the pain on her face. She had to explain it to Fell. She didn't want her efforts to be in vain.

"I was framed. Someone drugged me in the night club. I had no idea what happened. If my guess is right, there is someone who wants to ruin our relationship and prevent us from getting married. "

"Who is it?" A bloodthirsty expression appeared in Fell's furious eyes.

"I have been going to get even with him if I know who is it," Alice said, clenching her fists.

When she heard this, Essie's heart sank. This assumption was right. Since her sister wanted to marry Fell so much, how could she ruin herself before the wedding?

"Brother in law, calm down. Impulsiveness won't solve the problem."

Even so, Fell was still depressed. After all, it was a fact that the two men had sex with Alice, and the whole country saw it. Family troubles could not be publicized. Now that this ugly thing was known by everyone, how could he swallow the anger?

"Our family is a rich and powerful family, not ordinary people. We can't afford to lose face."

"This is huge. It's impossible to keep silent. Now the only way to prove her innocence is to find a way to prove that she is innocent. " Thinking about this, Essie added, "We need to ask the legal department to control the media and prevent them from making any false news. Then, find some technical monitoring records to make sure that the video was revised and that the person in the video was not my sister. The netizens were just the fence sitters. They could spread the news on two sides.copy right hot novel pub