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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 461 Being Seen Through

Zac was shocked. He had never thought that a three-year-old kid would question him one day, since he was the number one young master in Dragon City?

"Dot, you are a kid. You shouldn't meddle with the adults. What you need to do is to be light hearted and have fun. "

Dot folded his arms across his chest and said, "I'm a prodigy. I know more than other kids and I'm more worry about those things. What's more, if you and Mommy don't handle your relationship well, the most direct victim is me and Mili. It has something to do with my own business. Shouldn't I get involved?"

Zac sighed. What he said was reasonable. Children were one of the family members, and the relationship between parents would directly affect the children's life and future. It was normal for them to care about the relationship between him and Essie.

"You have to know that it is unrealistic for you to think of becoming the members of the Mosuo group in your heart. Your mommy can only choose between me and your daddy Hanson. If I remarry your mommy again, your daddy Hanson will quit. Can you really accept it?"

Dot lowered its head. In fact, he was very clear that it was impossible for them to become members of the Mosuo group, as Mili had said. That They could live with dad and daddy Hanson.

He liked daddy Hanson very much. He wanted to live with him as a family. Just like what they had lived in New York. But he knew, in fact, Mommy had already made a choice unconsciously. The person she wanted to live with was daddy.

The reason why she decided to marry daddy Hanson was that daddy hurt her heart and grandmother forced her to do so. Grandma didn't like daddy and wouldn't allow his mommy to be with daddy. She only wanted her to marry daddy Hanson. She was an obedient daughter and she would not go against her grandmother's decision.

"Mommy is the one who chooses her husband. I will respect her decision no matter whom she chooses. I will protect her. No matter you or daddy Hanson, you can't hurt her," he said firmly.

Stroking his head in affection, Zac said, "It is the happiness of your mommy to have such a sensible son like you."

"So, what do you think of her happiness or misfortune to have an ex-husband like you?" Dot asked. Her dark eyes twinkled with excitement.

Zac smiled bitterly. This little guy was not only sharp in speech, but also very sharp in tongue. When the first time he saw him, he had a familiar feeling that he looked like a person. At this moment, he suddenly realized that Tim was right. He looked like him very much.

But, how could this little guy look like him? He was not his son after all.

He stared at him without a blink, and the sense of confusion in his eyes became more and more heavy.

"Uncle Rong, why don't you answer my questions? Can't you answer me?" Dot's tender voice interrupted him.

Zac pulled himself back to reality and said with a smile, "You should ask your mommy about this."

Dot shook his head and said, "Didn't you say that she was an idiot? You should know that she is very confused. Maybe she doesn't even know who she likes and who she doesn't like. "

Zac nodded his head for approval.

The stupid woman's feelings were just like the clouds in the sky. Sometimes they could make him fly in the clouds, sometimes they could make him fall into the abyss. It was so fast for her to change her attitude which he really couldn't control. Maybe it was because she couldn't even figure out her own feelings that she was so unpredictable.

"You are her son, so you should know her well. Which one do you think she loves more, me or your daddy Hanson?" he took the opportunity to ask.

"She loves my daddy Hanson more, because daddy Hanson never makes her angry, but you always make her sad," Dot said those words on purpose to irritate him.

Zac, whose eyes were gloomy and gloomy. He knew that. In the heart of stupid women, Hanson would always be more important than him.

Dot was sensitive enough to notice the unconcealed disappointment on his face.copy right hot novel pub