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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 457 You Are My Achilles' Heel

A moment of silence swept over the table.

While listening to their conversation, the old lady and the old man felt very sad. Unlike ordinary children, their great grandson had begun to understand the complicated relationship between adults. Their failed marriage was undoubtedly an enormous impact to them.

"Grandma told me that Auntie Leila is my new mommy. I have a new mommy, so I can't ask for my old mommy. But I still like my old Mommy." Rabi's childish low voice broke the silence.

Stroking his head, Zac said, "Baby, daddy didn't tell you that Auntie Leila is not your mother. You only have one Mommy. No one else can replace her."

"But grandma said I would call my old mommy again, then she would hit me." Rabi pouted, on the verge of tears.

Mili hugged him. "Brother, don't listen to bad grandma's words. If she dares to hit you in the future, you can tell your great grandpa and great grandma and let them help you teach bad grandma a lesson."

Casting a glance at him, Abel said, "Hire someone to take care of Rabi from now on. I'm not allowed Rabi to be with Mary anymore."

The old lady nodded.

After the breakfast, the two elders brought the children to get familiar with the Rong Mansion, and Essie and Zac followed them slowly.

"Your son has such a bad impression on me." Zac shook his head and smiled bitterly.

"I didn't expect that, either." Essie took a look at him with sympathy. Dot's performance today was really beyond her expectation, especially when she heard 'Uncle Rong', she felt mixed emotions.

"Does he dislike me because of Hanson?" Zac's beautiful eyebrows slightly furrowed. As a child, he naturally hoped that his biological parents could be together. After all he was just an outsider.

"Did he say that?" Essie asked.

"This child is a little reserved. Even if he has, he won't show it," Zac said thoughtfully.

"Now that he didn't say it, then he is not. Don't think too much," Essie said. She knew very well that in her son's heart, he was as important as Hanson. Maybe he was a little more important, after all, he was his own father.

"I just don't want him to be hostile to me." Zac sighed. He really hoped to have a good relationship with Dot.

"He is not hostile to you, but only a little disappointed," Essie explained. Dot often asked her about what had happened to Zac. After he married Leila, he never mentioned him again. Apparently, he cared about it.

"Really?" There was a flash of suspicion in the eyes of Zac. He was disappointed because there was hope. He was not the child's father. What kind of hope would he have towards him?

After a few moments of silence, he asked again, "If we remarry, will Hanson fight for the custody of the children?"

"Is it possible for us to remarry?" Essie asked back, with a hint of mockery in her tone, as if she thought what Zac said was ridiculous.

A hint of anger was shown on his face. He was annoyed by the disheartened and depressed expression of her, as if she had no hope for their relationship at all.

"Get to the point." He flicked her forehead to get her focus on him.

She felt extremely wronged and covered her red eyebrow. Did she say anything wrong? There was only one percent chance of them getting back together, which was less likely than becoming an enemy.

"If you were him, would you fight for custody of the child?"

"Yes, I will. If you want to remarry, my child can't be taken away by others. My child can never be called another man daddy." He said as he reached out his arm to hold her waist and pulled her into his arms. "But if you have my baby, you won't have the chance to remarry another man. If anyone dares to marry you, I will let him disappear from this world.copy right hot novel pub