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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 454 Force Her To Admit Her Love To Him

Leila shivered. She almost forgot their sisters' relationship.

Mary put her arm around her shoulder and said, "It is a good idea as Zac said. Just rest assured. If you are unwilling to break up with the Qin family and you can't show loyalty to the elders to dispel their misgivings, you won't be able to marry into the Rong family even if your leg is broken kneeling here."

Leila lowered her head and said, "As long as I and Zac have a baby as soon as possible, and the elders will have a great grandson, then they will accept me, right?" In her eyes, children were the best token and guarantee.

Mary sighed, "There are so many kids of the Rong family. the grandfathers don't care about the one you give birth to. And today, grandfather has said that the child you and Zac give birth to can't be the next successor of the Rong family. If Zac doesn't want his nephew to take over the heritage, he will have to find other women to have his baby. "

It was like a huge thunderstorm from the sky, cutting her into pieces.

"Why are you so cruel to me?" She embraced her arms, trembling all over, and her limbs were cold.

"All right. Didn't Zac give you a chance? As long as you make it, Zac and I can intercede with our elders for you." Mary comforted. She didn't care about Leila's feeling at all. Her purpose was to take advantage of her to get rid of Essie. Her son was really a good idea, and she had to persuade Leila to accept it.

Leila bit her lips, "My mom told me that uncle has already gone to the Xu family to propose a marriage. They are eager to have Alice in the family. It's not easy to ruin their relationship. What if cousin and uncle find out?" Although doing such things was one of her expertise, it was different this time. She was worried that she might be kicked out of the Qin family.

"My silly girl, how could you do it in the open? Of course we have to do it secretly. " Mary patted her on the shoulder. She had to make some time to give her a plan. As long as she could keep her position in the family, then Essie would be able to completely disappear from the Rong family.

"Be patient and asked mommy for her advice." What Zac said was meaningful. After saying that, he put on a gentle expression, caressed her head, and then turned to the Rolls Royce which was waiting in front.

The one he got in was the one Essie got in. When Leila saw that, her face turned a little pale. It seemed that she had to do that even if she didn't want to, or Essie would certainly come back again.

Essie was leaning against the back of the chair and closing her eyes for rest. Since Zac had stayed outside for a long time, she believed he was comforting his wife.

Thinking about this, she felt sorry for Leila. She was stuck in a dilemma between the two families. As long as the two people truly loved each other, there was no need to care so much. The two elders didn't beat up the couple, forcing them to divorce, just not allowing her to marry into the Rong family.

When her parents married, the elders of the Yi family didn't allow them to get in, her father took them to live alone outside. Now they all reunited.

The two elders were also testing her in a disguised way. If she could really abandon everything for the sake of Zac, how could they not accept her?

It was a pity that she showed her greed too obviously. The reason why she was so eager to marry into the Rong family was not only because she wanted to be recognized, but also because she wanted to be the future hostess of the family.

The two elders were very sharp eyed. It was not hard for them to not know what she was thinking. It would be strange if they could accept her.

When he opened the door of the car, she knew it was Zac. She was so familiar with his smell that she could still feel his existence even if they were several meters away.copy right hot novel pub