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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 58 You Feed Me

'No! Is it possible he really wanted to sleep with me?' she wondered.

Seeing the sorrowful look on her face, he was both angry and amused. Just when he was about to tease her again, she spoke, stopping him, "Tonight, I'm going to make a plan for our mock date. If you disturb me, I might end up screwing it up. Later don't blame me!"

She was glad to use this date as an excuse.

Realizing she still remembered the date, an unnoticeable smile crept on Zac's handsome face. "Okay, I'll give you one night. If you can't satisfy me, you have to do it again."

"Challenge accepted," said Essie, before she slammed the door shut.

Leaning against the door, she sighed with relief. 'That was a narrow escape,' she muttered under her breath.

But of course, she couldn't take a rest. She had a date to plan! Zac wouldn't let her go so easily.

Next day, at dusk, she invited Zac to the rooftop garden.

His eyes ran through the pot and dishes on the stone table. "You've had a lot of time to plan. And yet, you have only managed to do this?"

"There are moonlight, stars and lights above our head. And look around, you will notice fragrant flowers and beautiful scenery. If this isn't romantic, what is? A very economical date." As she spoke, she smiled.

Her words lacked sincerity.

Zac crossed his arms, making no secret of his disappointment.

Essie went on and explained, "There are two kinds of date in this world.copy right hot novel pub