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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 449 My Ex-Husband

As she saw her two sons surrounded Essie, Mary was trembling with rage, her eyes almost popping out.

Luce used to occupy her husband's heart, and now her daughter stole her son's heart away, especially with two sons.

It was extremely terrible and hateful!

She couldn't let Essie and her son get back together. As long as she could drive her away, she didn't care to repeat what she had done in the past.

However, the situation of the Rong family was different from that of the Xu family. All of them were powerful and influential. Especially for Zac, he was too cold and too strong, not as mild as Baron. Most importantly, he was bossy and didn't take her advice seriously, unlike Baron who was obedient to Vicki and dared not show any disobedience.

And speaking of Essie. She looked like Luce, but her personality was completely different from hers. Luce was a simple and harmless rabbit, while Essie was an aggressive fox. It was much more difficult to deal with her and they had to make a comprehensive plan.

Fortunately, her son had divorced her, and she was going to marry another man. They had no valid reason to be together. This was a dead spot, and she had to hold it and pinched it.

She took a deep breath and went over to him, "Zac, Leila was kneeling outside for too long and passed out. You'd better go out and have a look. I'm afraid that she would be in danger."

A bloodthirsty disgust streaked across Zac's face. She hurt his little fool like this. If it was not for the antidote preparation, he must greet this woman seriously.

Alena turned to the butler and asked, "Uncle Li, how is Miss Qin?"

"I don't think it's a big deal. As soon as she saw Miss Yi coming over, she immediately jumped up and acted tough. Otherwise, Miss Yi wouldn't have been hit like this," uncle Li answered honestly.

"That girl was just too angry. She is the rightful wife of Zac and the granddaughter in law of the Rong family. She knelt outside for so long but was not allowed to come in. How could the girl feel good if you let her in as soon as an outsider came? " Mary explained on Leila's behalf in a hurry.

Alena said coldly. "Yes, she has married to Zac. But it has nothing to do with our Rong family. As for the daughter of Qin family, I'm afraid that it's just too much for our Rong family to take her."

"She was adopted, not biological," Mary reminded her. She was afraid that the old lady forgot this.

"As for the adopted ones, they are all the same. No one is allowed to enter my house as long as they have a relationship with the Qin family," Alena said seriously.

"But after they have a child, do you still refuse to accept your great grandson or granddaughter?" Mary retorted.

Without saying anything, Alena turned to take a glance at Abel, believing that it was all up to him. Abel's sharp eyes swept over the crowd, and then fell on Zac. "Since it's the blood of our family, we should naturally take it back. But I have to promise that the next successor has nothing to do with the Qin family. "

What he said was very clear. The child of Zac and Leila could be accepted by the Rong family, but it was not likely to become the next director.

Mary was taken aback, "What if Zac only have children with Leila?"

"There are a lot of children of the Rong family," Abel said firmly in a low voice. Although he didn't directly answer Mary's question, what he meant was clear. If there was no other child to be owned by Zac, he would choose the fifth successor from other great grandsons of his family.

His words were not only a warning to Mary, but also a warning to his grandson. He hoped that they could be reasonable and not do anything to regret.

Mary was shocked. His words were like a thunderbolt from the sky and made her head buzzing.

In her eyes, the only woman who could beat Essie must be Leila. And the other women must be bullied by Essie in an instance. Now she had regarded Leila as the second Elizabeth, and she needed her to run in the frontline to get rid of Luce's daughter.copy right hot novel pub