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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 57 Eat And Sleep With Her

"I know, aunt. I'll be back soon." Zac interrupted her and turned his back to walk away. He didn't want to deal with such things as he had other things on his mind.

At the bar, Essie filled up Leila's glass and asked, "Are you Zac's ex-girlfriend?"

Leila sat there while a flash of annoyance was seen from her eyes. She asked impetuously, "Why? Are you worried that I'll take him away from you?"

Essie passively waved her hand and casually responded, "I'm not worried about that at all. I just hope you don't treat me as a rival."

"What... What do you mean by that?" Leila sat there frozen as her cheeks flushed pink. She wondered if she had been acting so transparent.

"Take it easy, gorgeous!" Essie said in a pleasant voice. She had a friendly smile on her face while she picked up her glass from the table. "Don't take this the wrong way, we're just roommates. I don't have a relationship with him whatsoever."

"Roommate?" Leila was slightly shocked when she heard this.

"Yes. We rent a house together," Essie passively said. She was not the type of person that would get in the way of a couple who were in love. She had no interest in causing difficulties and problems between the two. She also did not think Leila had to know about her marriage with Zac. Besides, they were soon to be divorced anyway.

Leila stared at her for a moment trying to observe her expressions.copy right hot novel pub