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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 447 Get Injured (Part One)

Uncle Li checked them at the door. "Madam, have you forgotten the rules of the Rong Mansion? A member of the Qin family is allowed to enter the mansion. Though Miss Qin was not the biological daughter of the Qin family, she grew up in the Qin family and was a part of it. She can't go in without the old lady's special permission."

"Uncle Li, she fainted now. How can I leave her alone? Even if she is not admitted by our ancestors now, she has married to Mr. Rong. As the daughter in law of the Rong family, she will get in sooner or later."

While she was talking, the servant who went to inform the elders came back. He was followed by two men. One carried a deck chair, and the other carried a teapot and water.

"The old lady told me to take care of Miss Qin outside the mansion. Call an ambulance if she doesn't wake up." The servant paused, and then continued, "The old lady also said that if anyone let Miss Qin in today, he or she will not be a member of the Rong family anymore."

Mary shuddered violently. She didn't expect the old lady to say such cold words. There was no way back.

Leila couldn't pretend anymore. She opened her eyes and stood up. She was so depressed that she went crazy. Didn't Zac be there? Why didn't he help her at all?

"It seems that Miss Qin is all right," uncle Li said slowly. He had already seen through her little trick.

Leila gave him a stern look. When she became the hostess of the house, she would kick him out of the Rong family first.

While she was angry, a Rolls Royce slowly drove down the road. The driver was Tim. He just did what the old lady asked him to do and went to the Phoenix Road to pick up Essie to have breakfast with her.

When Essie got out of the car, she was shocked by what was happening at the door.

What were this mother and daughter in law doing outside?

Both Mary and Leila were taken aback when they saw Essie.copy right hot novel pub