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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 445 Could Not Stay Out Of It

There was a small park on the Phoenix Road. Every morning, after the family teacher came to class, Pana would play with Mili and Dot in the park.

Today, they walked along the green path and rode a round of bike. Then they sat on a chair and ate fruit.

At this time, an old lady in expensive clothes came over and sat on a chair beside them. Both Mili and Dot had the ability of remembering things or person at a mere sight, and recognized her at the first sight. She the granny they had seen in the lake park.

Mili was surprised and said, "What a coincidence! Granny, do you still remember us?"

"Yeah, of course. Your name is Mili, and your brother's name is Dot," The old lady said with a smile.

"Grandma, you have such a good memory." Mili cracked her lips and smiled sweetly, revealing two lovely dimples.

Dot stared at the old lady with sharp eyes and asked, "Grandma, why are you here? Did you move to a place next to the Phoenix Road?" He asked tentatively, looking a little vigilant.

'This old woman is a little unusual. She even knows daddy's last name.'

Only mom, daddy Hanson, uncle, grandma, Grandpa knew the secret. Even aunt Pana did not know this secret.

How did she know that? Was she always spied on their home? He had to be careful before he knew that they were enemies or friends.

The old lady smiled kindly and answered, "My house is not far away."

"Really?" Dot raised his beautiful eyebrows and said, "Didn't you often came here? Why have I never seen you before?"

"I just came back from abroad. After breakfast, I came to the park to take a walk. What a coincidence to see you two little cutie," the old lady said with a smiling face.

"Where did you come from?" Dot asked again.

"Switzerland. Have you ever been there?" the old lady said with a smile.

"No, I have not been there before." Dot shook his head.

"I know Switzerland. It has Alps and the ski resort, St. Moritz," Mili said, head tilted, her big eyes glowing in the sun.

"Yes, Mili is smart." The old lady looked at her with a doting smile.

A judgment flashing in Dot's black eyes. The old lady looked amiable and didn't seem to be a bad person, but how did she know about his dad? Who the hell was she?

"Grandma, last time you said that you knew our dad's last name was Rong. Let me tell you, you were wrong. Our dad's last name is Xia, not Rong," he said deliberately.

"Really?" the old lady didn't show any change in her expression, but asked calmly, "Then what is your daddy Hanson's surname?"

"Daddy Hanson is daddy. They are the same person," Dot said in a hurry, and his long and dense eyelashes flickered slyly.

"Really?" The old woman raised her eyebrows and said, "That was not what you said last time."

"We lied to you last time. We are children and we can say whatever we want to say. Adults can't believe children's words easily," Dot said in a serious tone, as if he was afraid that the old lady wouldn't believe him.

Mili looked at him in confusion. She didn't understand why he lied to the old lady.

The old lady didn't mind. On the contrary, she thought he was clever enough to protect himself. "Well, I was wrong. Your last name is Xia?"

"We share the same family name with Mommy, but not daddy Hanson." Mili shook her head.

"Why not?" the old lady asked with a smile.

"Because Daddy and Mommy used rock paper scissors when we were born. The baby's family name should be the one who wins. And Mommy wins twice, so we use her family name." Mili repeated what Dot had said last time. She thought it was a good explanation.copy right hot novel pub