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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 444 The Unbroken Connections (Part Two)

"If Essie was in ancient times, she would be the second Mulan," Albert said as he smiled. This was what the real daughter-in-law of the Rong family looked like. If she wanted to stay by the side of Zac, it would be like a tiger who had wings. As for Leila, he thought she could do nothing except making things worse.

Hearing her daughter's words, Lucy was worried. She didn't want to see her as Mulan or Mu Guiying. She just wanted her to be safe and sound. If it wasn't Elizabeth who wanted to take control of the Xu family, she wouldn't have let her come back to help at all.

Eighteen years ago, they left Dragon City and had nothing to do with Xu family. It had nothing to do with them that if the Xu family was destroyed.

However, no matter who was in charge of the Xu family, it was impossible for the Xu family to fall into the hands of Elizabeth. She was not reconciled until see this woman suffer from retribution.

"Anyway, your safety is the most important thing. Be careful and don't fight too hard against those bad guys." She patted her daughter's hands.

"Luce, don't worry too much. Rong family will help Essie and protect her," Albert said seriously.

"Her father and I can't help with the business, so brother Albert, please take care of her," Lucy also commented. She had been the wife of a rich and powerful family for so many years, so she understood the importance of interests. Even if Essie and Zac were separated, the Rong family would help her for their own interests.

"If you have any trouble in the future, you can call Zac. If you can't be a couple, you still have to be friends with him," Albert said with a gentle smile. They could promote their relationship by meeting each other from time to time.

"Okay." Essie nodded. In a matter of great interest, even if she didn't choose to cooperate with Zac, he would do it for her.

At that time, Leila was talking with Mary on the phone. She was full of hope at the beginning, thinking that Mary could persuade Albert to give her a chance to return to the ancestor worship of the Rong family on Tomb Sweeping Day, which meant that she was admitted by the Rong family.copy right hot novel pub