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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 442 Merry Meet, Merry Part

Zac knew what had happened yesterday would definitely leave a shadow for her and intensified the misunderstanding between her and her mother. He had to find out the truth early and resolve the conflict between the two old people.

"Actually, when I first saw Essie brought to our home by Zac, it reminded me of that mischievous angel, Cathy. She really resembled you very much," Albert said with a smile.

The next day after the announcement of Zac's marriage, Albert sent a group of people to Jiang City to investigate the background of Essie because he had to be sure that the background of the future hostess of the Rong family must be clear.

Lucy had changed her name, changed her appearance and got married. He couldn't be sure that she was the same person as before, but he thought it was possible. He was reassured after aunt Bonney made the prediction of the Eight Character for the children. That's because Essie had the same birth date as Cathy.

However, he did not speak out the secret. Some of the problems could only be solved by the young themselves. He believed that Essie would say what she wanted to say and she wouldn't need his help.

Hearing that, Essie was shocked. She could hear what Albert was trying to express. It turned

out that he knew she was Cathy. Her father in law was really a shrewd and hidden man.

Zac also knew what his father meant. How calm his father was! How could he keep such an important secret from his own son? He had been 'tricked' by this little fool.

"I found that I was always the last one to know a lot of things," Zac sighed with self-mockery.

Raising her eyes slightly, Essie stole a glance at him from her thick eyelashes. She couldn't help but think of the story of Mili and Dot. If he knew the truth, he would not spare her, would he? It was his own flesh and blood, but without knowing it, he always thought they were other people's children. The most pathetic thing was that the kids also knew the truth and followed their mommy to hide it from him.

In fact, he was a tolerant and generous person. He had thought that she had cheated him and had kids with another man. Yet, he accepted her again. As an arrogant king, it was challenging his bottom line.

She had never felt sorry for him, but she indeed felt guilty when it came to her children. But she had no choice. She couldn't lose her baby. She couldn't bear to separate Mili and Dot. The only thing she could do was to hide the truth.

"The less you know, the less trouble you will have," she said in a low voice.

"That is right. But if there is misunderstanding between you, it's better to let it go and make it clear," Adding to her words, Albert said in a gentle tone, as if it was a kind reminder.

Lucy said with a faint smile. "In fact, it's a happy ending for both of you to have your own love now."

A bitter smile flashed across Zac' face. Maybe it was a happy thing for Essie. She could finally marry the man she had a crush on for a long time, but it was a sad thing for him.

He took a sip of the wine on the table to ease himself.

With a gentle smile, Bob looked at his daughter and said, "Marriage is a big event in one's life. But if you make a mistake, you still have a chance to turn over a new leaf. Since you and Zac have your own new families now, you can live a peaceful life. Don't have anything in your heart any more. It is said that 'merry together, merry part'. It is good for you to leave each other like friends and take care of each other in the future."

This was also what Essie thought. She nodded, and she believed that the best ending for her and Zac would be to be friends. In the past, Leila said that he married Leila out of some reasons. She believed it. But why did he hold the wedding with her? Was there also any reason that he had to hold the ceremony with her? She didn't believe it at all. It was his love to her had been rekindled.copy right hot novel pub