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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 440 Be A Lobbyist

"You bastard! You are just like your mother, rude and impolite and ill-bred." Mary was so angry that her mouth was trembling. She raised her hand and wanted to hit Mili. But she was stopped by Zac. "If you dare to hit Mili, you are not my mommy from now on!"

"You..." Mary was about to explode. She was worried about her son. He lost his mind, for the sake of this bitch.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Rong. As long as you're alive, I won't be with your son again. I won't be with the son of my enemy," Essie said, as she pulled the two kids behind her.

Mary's stomach twitched a little. She was afraid that Essie would say something she shouldn't say, so she softened her tone. "Zac has his own family and you are going to get married. If you continue to argue with each other, you will hurt a lot of people."

Essie didn't say anything. She just took a glance at Zac and said, "I'm taking care of the kids. Bye!" Then, she took Mili and Dot and went out.

"Mommy," Rabi cried sadly at the back of the car. As a little boy, he could not understand such a complicated situation. He just felt that he would not be able to see his mommy and brother and sister for a long time after they left.

Taking Rabi in his arms, Zac coaxed him. Then he asked the bodyguards to take him out for fun. He had planned to go to the Children's Park with the kids in the afternoon, but his mother's drama spoiled all his plans.

"Mommy, I hope you won't interfere with my affairs because of your personal problem. I know what I should do."

Mary was furious. "Your wife is Leila. You are responsible for her. And you still have feelings for Essie. Didn't you ever think about hurting her?"

Zac snorted and there was a touch of cruelty on his face. "Now you know you are here to protect my marriage. You tried every means to make me divorce, and you kept stuffing other women into my marriage. Did you have a double standard?"

"You and Essie are not meant to be together. I don't think she will be a good wife. But Leila is different. She is better than Essie in every aspect. I'm satisfied with her. So I hope you can set your mind at rest and live a better life with her," Mary said.

A trace of sharp light flashed in Zac' dark cold eyes. "Mommy, are you afraid of Essie?"

Mary trembled. "What am I afraid of? Why do I have to be afraid of her?" I am the hostess of Rong family. Even if she takes over the Xu group now, she dares not do anything to me."

Zac looked at her with his eyes full of sharp judgement, piercing into the darkest part of her heart. "There are two reasons why people hate others. The first is because of hatred, and the second is because of fear. I think you are the second. Essie knows your secret. You are afraid that your reputation will be ruined if she leak it out. That's why you are always afraid of her. You want to drive her away from me, don't you? "

Mary swallowed, trying to stay calm. Only a muscle on her face was twitching slightly, which showed that she was frightened. She said, "Zac, that woman is very cunning. No matter what she said to you, you can't believe it, okay?"

"I only believe in my own judgment." Zac said in a firm tone.copy right hot novel pub