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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 55 Is Your Old Lover Back

Zac was shocked. Now, he finally understood what the little fool was up to. Apparently, she thought that he was going to sell himself so he can buy the house, and she came to rescue him.

He saw her in an entirely different light.

Even though she looked delicate and weak, deep in her heart, she was actually full of courage and would dare to pierce the sky if needed.

"This is my aunt," explained he as he leaned to her ear, in case she was planning to say something more earth shaking.

"Aunt?" Essie said, shocked. "She is your aunt?" she repeated, still unable to believe it.

"Yes," Zac said with a nod.

What a huge mistake she had made!

Essie was so embarrassed that she almost wanted to dig a hole and crawl inside it to hide herself. In fact, if there was a teleportation station beside her, she would definitely jump into it without hesitation and go straight to wherever it may take her and never return.

Marci Rong knew what she meant by her words. She frowned at her and said, "Who did you think I was?"

Essie, who had always been smart and quick to react, scratched her head. She intentionally fluttered her beautiful black eyes and said, "You are just so young and beautiful, and you look like you are only twenty five at most. You don't look like his aunt at all. I thought he just made friends with a beautiful lady." Her words not only complimented Marci, but they also cleverly saved her from the embarrassment.

Marci smiled and said, "So you wanted to fight me as a rival in love?"

Essie licked her lips again and hastily took up a glass on the table. Then, she poured some wine onto the glass and said, "Aunt, it's my first time meeting you. I'm really sorry that I offended you so much. To make up for it, I'd like to propose a toast to you first."

After saying that, she raised her head and drank the wine in one gulp, looking very generous.

Seeing this, Marci felt a lot better. "Come on, don't just stand there. Sit down," she said.

Essie took a seat next to Zac. She couldn't help feeling sorry for the 2,000 dollars she had just paid.

She acted too rashly!

'I should have investigated further before taking any action,' she thought in dismay.

Two thousand dollars for nothing.

She was a good girl who was always frugal with money. Why on earth did she act like a rich person and be so capricious?

An arrogant, domineering man with his head up high in the crowd like Zac would definitely not yield to a rich woman?

She was really crazy to make that decision.

It was so surprising to Essie that this icy guy had a rich aunt.copy right hot novel pub