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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 435 The First Encounter Between Father And Son (Part One)

Zac had started to stir up trouble again. This time, there were two girls. There was not only his former girlfriend, Landis, but also a new girlfriend, Allison.

Allison was a newcomer. She looked sweet and sweet with the nickname of a sweetheart sister. Recently, she was often photographed by paparazzi to have a secret date with Zac in the middle of the night in the hotel.

Essie watched at the gossip news with a mocking smile on her face.

As long as his hidden disease was recovered, he would date with different girl and have fun with different women. Sure enough, that many women would be found out about having an affairs with him in the future. Their love affairs could compete with that of Vinton.

It seemed that she was lucky to leave him. As for those women, she could do nothing but leave them to Leila.

She put the iPad on the sofa and went upstairs. Because of some reason, she was in a bad mood and just wanted to sleep.

Mili glanced at her and shook her head. Her mommy couldn't hide her feelings at all, who had all kinds of emotions on her face. She couldn't even pretend to be happy.

She then took up the iPad and sent a message to Zac, telling him that she could go out with Dot tomorrow.

Zac really wanted to know what would Dot look like. Did he looked like Mili, which looked very similar to his little fool. He and Mili settled the place to meet at an intersection in front of the villa. When Dot got into the car, he was shocked and his face was drawn in a Peking Opera. He didn't look like himself anymore.

"Dot loves to play the role play and he is playing the leading role of the Peking Opera today," Mili said with a smile. It was her idea. If she could only draw a good face for Dot, Zac would not discover their secret.

Rabi looked at him and chuckled. "Brother, it's so funny to see you like this. Next time I want to draw my face too."

"Brother Rabi, nice to meet you.copy right hot novel pub