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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 433 The Poor Daddy (Part Two)

If one person got the chance, they would get a chance to get what they wanted. And now, in the eyes of members of the Yi family, Essie was the God of wealth. Now, Finney was the market director of Hengyuan Co., Ltd, with a million dollars yearly salary. The other uncles and aunts were so envious that they came to find Bob to arrange their children to work in the Xu group.

In today's society, there were more people to scramble for a good job. College students were not competitive in the job market. It was difficult to find a good job. Moreover, there was a good opportunity offered by Essie. How could they miss it?

In the past, the Yi family didn't like Lucy and her daughter very much. They were defending their brothers and thought that their brother had married a woman who couldn't have children with him, who also had a burden. On New Year's day or other major festivals, Lucy and her daughter would come to visit them. But they were cold to them. Sometimes they even tease on them.

Now, they didn't think that Essie was just an encumbrance. In this society where everyone depend on a relationship to achieve a successful career, it was a pathetic thing to lose a backer. Now they had a backer, so they could depend on their niece and sister.

Essie didn't hold the grudge. Since they asked her father to help them she had to do him a favor. After all, she was in badly need of help now. The Yi family were on her side anyway. She didn't worry about being bribed by Elizabeth and others.

The first thing Lucy did after coming back was to help her daughter and son-in-law prepare for engagement ceremony. She was very happy that her daughter was finally willing to listen to her and settled down to live a good life with Hanson.

"Hanson, from now on, you don't have to call us uncle and aunt anymore, just call us dad and mom." She smiled and looked at her favorite son-in-law.

Hanson was overjoyed. "Dad, mom!" He called them so intimately.

Mili and Dot were also very happy. Mommy was finally going to marry daddy Hanson, and daddy Hanson would become the real daddy Hanson in the future.copy right hot novel pub