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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 432 The Poor Daddy (Part One)

Essie took Holy with her and was going to find Pana.

Pana was staying in a hotel for the time being. She planned to go back to her hometown after saying goodbye to Essie.

"I'm sorry for what happened, Pana. I believe there's some misunderstanding. Please don't be angry with my sister." Essie comforted her.

"It's not her fault. I don't know why the necklace ran into my bag and I can't explain it to her." Depressed, Pana bowed her head, feeling wronged.

"Sister Pana, my sister and I both trust you. Please don't leave us." Holy held her hands. For him, Pana was like his own sister.

"But Alice has completely changed after she lost her memory, just like a different person." Pana sighed heavily.

"So you can't leave. I'm worried about my sister. I don't know what has happened during her disappearance. I'm afraid that someone would take advantage of her loss of memory to sow discord between us," Essie said in a worried voice.

"Is that your aunt Elizabeth?" Pana was shocked for a while then she said, "The next day you went to C Island, I heard she was talking with Elizabeth on the phone and then went out. I guess she might go to see her. "

"Really?" Essie was frightened. 'I have a detailed account of our grudges against Elizabeth to her. She should have known that Elizabeth is our enemy. Why did she meet her in secret?'

"There must be something wrong if Elizabeth see our sister. She can't remember anything now. I'm afraid she is bluffing her," Holy said with great concern.

Essie stroke his head as she looked at Pana. "I'm busy with work, so I can't stay at home to take care of Holy. Only when he stays with you can I set my mind at rest. Please stay here, sister Pana. We need you.copy right hot novel pub