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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 431 God Is Watching (Part Two)

"Don't be afraid. Its name is Dodgy. It's a doorman's dog. It's obedient and won't bite people," Essie said with a smile. She had given it a lot of food in the past two days, so she was quite familiar with it.

"If it wants to bite you, it can't save you even if you hide in the water. It swims better than you anyway," Hanson teased.

Leila glared at him.

Then Dodgy kept on barking towards Essie, as if it wanted to tell her something.

Essie smiled and went up from the swimming pool. She walked towards the wolfhound and touched its head, saying, "Dodgy, are you hungry now? I'll go to the dining room to get you two biggest bones later, okay?"

Pouting his tail, Dodgy looked very happy.

Leila slapped the water in anger, and the water splashed. Suddenly, she trembled all over. She seemed to think of something and hurried to swim to the side of the pool. When she was about to go ashore, a sharp pain came from her leg. Her face was pale and she shouted, "There are jellyfishes. I was bitten by jellyfish!"

Jellyfish? Essie was astonished and wondered why there was jellyfish in the swimming pool? Besides, the jellyfish was highly poisonous. Cherry was bitten by the jellyfish last time and her leg was swollen. Fortunately, she was cured in time, otherwise it would be serious.

Hanson walked to the side of the swimming pool and looked at it carefully. There was really a jellyfish in the pool. He quickly stretched out his hand and pulled Leila up.

"Send me to the hospital. The jellyfish is poisonous." Leila panicked.

Essie and Hanson sent her to the medical room at the base in a hurry. Zac came too.

"Brother Zac!" When Leila saw him, she burst into tears.

Stroking her head, Zac turned to the administrator of the activity room and asked, "The swimming pool needs fresh water. How could there be jellyfish in it?"

"It was the first time that such a thing happened. The swimming pool's pipe went straight to the sea.copy right hot novel pub