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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 430 God Is Watching (Part One)

When she drown in the sea again, she decided to learn how to swim, she had to at least learn the dog paddle.

There was a swimming pool in the activity center of the construction base. The next day, after the meeting, she went to the swimming pool and asked Hanson to teach her how to swim.

Leila was also there. The site was not fully built yet and could not be connected on the Internet. She was so bored that she could only go to the swimming pool to have some fun.

Seeing that Essie's clumsy gesture made her laugh scornfully. "I think you are a born non-swimmer. You won't learn it."

"You were not born to swim, and you have to learn it afterwards." Hanson glared at her and spoke for his future wife.

Essie didn't reply to her. She knew it would not be a tough thing to learn how to swim, and she believed that she would surely be able to swim. It would not be a big deal if she had to choke in a few water.

Zac came back from the engineering team. When he heard that they were in the swimming pool, and saw that Essie was dressed so 'exposed' in the water and even had an intimate interaction with Hanson, a wave of jealousy directly rushed out of his chest to his head.

In fact, Essie was only wearing a common swimsuit. But in his view, only the Jumpsuit with sleeves and trousers was suitable for her, and some parts of which should not be exposed could not be seen.

His eyes were burning with anger. How he wished he could have jumped in the water and carried her into the locker room, forcing her to wear the old-fashioned super masculine swimsuit that he had only bought from wondering in thousands of streets.

Hanson's hand was placing on her waist. When he raised a little bit, it was about to touch her breast. His hair began to shine. He was the only person who could touch that place!

When Leila saw him, she swam towards him and said, "Honey, let's play in the water."

"Okay." Zac nodded and rushed back to get his swimming trunks and jumped into the swimming pool. He deliberately chose to jump in the water at a place close to Essie and Hanson. The water was splashed in all directions, spraying on the faces of them.

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