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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 426 The People Who Shouldn't Have Appeared

"What did my mommy do to your mommy?" Zac was deeply worried. Things seemed to be more serious than he had expected.

"You won't believe me even if I tell you the truth. Why don't you go back and ask your mom? It would be more real if she admits it herself." Finishing her words, she pushed him away and sat up, "I'm going back to my room. I have a meeting in the afternoon."

She walked to the window, opened the curtains, looked outside and found no one was outside. Then she quickly opened the door and sneaked out as if she was a thief.

Zac was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Since they hadn't divorced yet and they were now legally married, what was she worried about?

Her room was next to his. When she stepped into it, she took a shower first. After changing into clean clothes, she stood in front of the mirror and saw the clear hickeys on her neck. She was so upset.

Why did the demon always make trouble for her? When it was seen by others in the meeting later, they must be thinking a lot.

She hurriedly pulled out some powder to cover it.

When she was about to go out to the dining hall for lunch, she opened the door and saw Zac. He had just taken a shower and changed his clothes.

"Miss. Yi, let's go to have lunch." Zac said in a fake calm tone. But this was the best choice for her, and she continued, "This way, Mr. Rong." She replied politely and went upstairs.

When they just arrived at the gate of the dormitory, they saw two familiar figures walking towards them from not far away.

Zac recognized her at the first sight. He cursed at her, "Damn it! What are they doing here?" Finally, his relationship with the muddleheaded woman had some hope, and he hoped to have a few quiet days here. How could these two huge dark clouds keep blocking out the sun?

When Essie saw them, she was shocked and said, "Aren't they Leila and Hanson? What are they doing here? "

"What do you think?" Zac's face darkened. Lightning flashed, and he seemed to have seen the God of plague.

"Honey --" Leila called him affectionately and loudly, wishing that the whole island could hear it.

Essie got goose bumps all over the ground. She rubbed her arms and hurried to run towards Hanson. Out of sight, out of mind.

Zac felt like he had been abandoned again. But this time, it was not his little fool's fault. It was two unexpected visitors.

"Honey, I miss you so much." Leila grabbed his arm and leaned her head against his shoulder. Pulled his arm out, Zac pushed her away almost subconsciously. "The construction work here is heavy, not your home. Be careful."

Leila pouted, "What's the matter? I'm your wife, not an outsider. Only the outsiders need to be careful." While saying that, she took a glance at Essie. She said that not only for Zac, but also for Essie.

"Well, I'm going to have lunch with Miss Yi, you can go with us," Zac said. He walked away.

When he walked past them, Hanson put his arm around Essie's shoulders unconsciously, as if to announce his sovereignty.

A streak of fury filled in the eyes of Zac. If his eyes could turn into a sharp arrow, it would shoot through Hanson Xia's hand. What pissed him off most was that Essie cooperated with him and didn't have any signs to get rid of his arm and smiled to him.

"Hanson, why are you here?"

"I heard that the island is still in the development stage with imperfect facilities and poor living condition. I was worried about you when you came here alone, so I rushed over, Hanson said. Of course, the person he worried most was Zac. Luckily, when he was free, Alice called him and asked him to come here in a hurry to take care of Essie, in order to prevent Zac took the chance to win Essie's heart.

"Then why are you with Leila?" She raised her eyebrows slightly.

"I met her when I got off the plane. I didn't expect her to come as well," Hanson said in a plain tone.

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